The 6 Best Amazing Cities and Towns in Sicily

Sicily, one of the autonomous regions of Italy, is one of the most beautiful islands of the country. As in almost every elite geography of the world, the most important factor that makes Sicily beautiful is the stories that it has city, city and town.

In some towns, you can meet the best gold-plated mosaic in the world, while in some towns you can come across hidden mafia settlements, gangs that have seized the regional administration and listen to their stories. Its geographical and cultural beauties do not end with telling.

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1. Catania

Catania, the second-largest city in Sicily, is also one of the most touristic cities in the region. Established as a port city at the foot of the volcano Etna, Catania has a magnificent view of Etna by its location. Daily tours are organized from this touristic city to Etna.

We can list the most touristic places and structures of Catania in the city as Duomo Square, Sant ‘Agata Cathedral, Biscari Palace, Etna Street, Ancient Roman Amphitheater, Mangalenni Palace, and Giardino Bellini Museum.

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2. Palermo

Palermo is the most important and largest city on the island of Sicily, considered the center point for the island. With its young university population, turquoise sea, and magnificent cuisine consisting of seafood, Palermo is a very beautiful Italian city.

In addition, the famous pink jerseys of the Palermo team, which marked the world football history with both its fans and its magnificent football, are another detail that makes the city special. If you are looking for some peace, delicious food, and interesting stories, you should definitely visit Palermo.

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3. Cefalu

Cefalu, located between Palermo and Messina, has exactly the atmosphere of Kas. Cefalu is one of the most romantic stops of the Sicily tour with its streets leading to the beach wherever you walk, the seaside fishing restaurants, and all the details that should be in a fishing town. You can taste delicious pizzas, pasta, and seafood from wandering the narrow streets in this beautiful town where its geographical beauty multiplies human joy.

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4. Messina

Messina, the third largest city in Sicily, is located in the west of the Strait of Messina. Although there are many shipyards that stand out first because of being a port city, it is possible to encounter a completely different world when you enter the city.

It will definitely be an unforgettable experience to watch the view of Italy from the Bosphorus in this city, which is the subject of world-famous literary lines due to its streets resembling painting and characteristic cafes.

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5. Agrigento

Agrigento, one of the largest cities in the world in the Mediterranean region in the ancient period, is one of the most important tourist cities of Sicily with this feature. The city is known as the city of temples by tourists coming from various parts of the world and visiting here. The reason is that many temples are located in various parts of the city.

In fact, the Valley of the Temples, which contains many temples, one of the most touristy regions of the city, has been included in the world heritage list by UNESCO. Nobel Prize-winning Sicilian writer Luigi Pirandello is one of the must-see places in the house where he was born and raised.

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6. Taormina

This medieval town

, which is known as the pearl of Sicily and impresses with its aesthetics, resembles a boutique city when viewed from a height. Taormina is a must-see town with its narrow streets, typical Italian houses with balconies and flowers, cafes and restaurants surrounded by romance.

If you have a full day in Taormina, the best thing to do is to take a walking tour where you can also see medieval buildings. The town has an important place in the life of many celebrities due to its beauty and historical texture. Taormina, where thinkers such as Goethe, Steinbeck and Nietzhe spend time to get inspired, has recently hosted many Hollywood movie sets.

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