Top 6 Fantastic Islands of Greece

The Greek islands surrounded by the azure Aegean Sea are among the favorite routes of holidaymakers. If you have not yet seen visa-free Greek islands such as Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, Rhodes and Milos, we recommend that you take this trip with a cruise in a short time. Here are 6 Fantastic Islands of Greece;

1. Mykonos

Mykonos is undoubtedly the place that attracts the most attention and interest among the Greek islands. The entertainment of Mykonos, which is famous for its colorful night life, continues with the parties that last until the morning hours. Of course, the island is not only limited to nightlife. It has managed to make its name known to the world with its extremely clean beaches, blue waters, windmills that have been missed by the island, taverns, white traditional houses and small churches. So much so that you will find a different world in the narrow streets of Mykonos, which is also preferred by the world jet society.

2. Crete

Crete is the largest of the Greek islands. It is an island that will admire you with its beaches, streets and historical buildings. Crete, which is home to the Minos Civilization, the first developed civilization of Europe, attracts a lot of attention, especially from the history-loving artist. In Crete, where history and natural beauties coexist, there is also the Heraklion Archaeological Museum, one of the most famous museums in Greece.

3. Rhodes

Being one of the most attractive islands of the azure Aegean Sea, Rhodes stands out as the biggest of the island team called Twelve Islands. It is a place that you can say that I am good with its buildings that are included in Unesco’s World Heritage List, streets decorated with flowers and colorful night life. You live in many cultures together in Rhodes where you will have many options from eating to drinking. The medieval quarter, Knight Street and Archeology Museum are some of the places you should see …

4. Santorini

Santorini is the star of the Greek islands. The colorful roofed houses offer a visual feast to their guests. It is not possible to find the sunset in another place in Santorini, which is visited by approximately 1.5 million people every year. While watching the sunset, do not miss the wines produced in the region. This world-renowned island with its houses decorated with colorful flowers, bright sea, sand beaches and traditional structures will give you the key to happiness.

 5. Syros

The most important feature that distinguishes the island of Siros from other islands is architecture. Different civilizations lived on the island throughout history. The fact that Sicilians, Arabs, Ottomans and Venetians were on the island naturally provided diversity in the architectural structure. These structures look impressive in small and narrow streets. You can try to get lost in these streets while visiting the island. Apart from the port and its surroundings, you can also visit the Vaporia Region, where there are villas of the rich. Do not forget to see Ano Syros Region, which was founded by the Venetians.

6. Milos

Milos is called “Island of Colors” in Greece. The sand and the sun taste on the colorful beaches of the island, which is of volcano origin. You will find calmness and peace on the island where you will leave your heart with its unique beauty. You will also see examples of typical whitewashed Greek houses here. Milos was also the hiding place of the imposing pirates of the Middle Ages. Today, traces of pirates can still be found. Located in the south of Greece, Milos also has the best restaurants in the world in terms of seafood.


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