Top 10 Happiest Countries in the World

When sufficient amounts of serotonin are secreted, people's mood and behavior are positively affected. Now imagine that this is happening at the societal level. It is not a situation that can happen to every society to be constantly peaceful and cheerful. Social happiness has many factors, just like individual happiness.

1. Finland

The Republic of Finland is a Northern European country on the Baltic Sea coast in Northern Europe. Finland is a very beautiful country where the sun does not set for 2 months due to its cultural and social life, almost half of it is covered with forests and some of it is covered with lakes, in other words it has a magnificent geography. Finland stands out as another location where you can see the northern lights. With its enormous libraries, clean streets, deer, strawberries, mushrooms, wooden houses where people spend the summer months, and many more, we can say that the people living in Finland have come to be happy.

2. Norway

Norway is a country west of the Scandinavian Peninsula located in Northern Europe. Norway is a realm of happiness. Calm, peaceful, lush; it is also colorful and fairy tale with its architecture. Norway is a country that is beautiful enough to catch the minds with its fjords, and magnificent enough to add a lifetime to its life with its nature and climate.

3. Denmark

Denmark is one of the greenest countries in the world with its mild climate, developed mixed economy, culture and social life and dazzling architecture. Denmark is a country where all of the high taxes are used in areas such as social security, health and retirement, which will also increase the welfare of people. With all these features, the Danish people come out of the research results as the happiest people in the world.

4. Iceland

Iceland is a state built on a volcanic island to the north of the Atlantic Ocean. While its nature and climate are already good enough to secrete the hormone of happiness, the Northern Lights seen between September and March turn this country into a fairy-tale world. Economy and social life are very good in Iceland. Iceland, which consumes lots of fish, is among the happiest countries.

5. Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the happiest countries with its working conditions, quality of education, health system contribution to science, quality of life and welfare. In case of any nuclear war, there are enough shelters for the whole country population.

6. Netherlands

The Netherlands, which is at the top of the income per capita, is known for its tolerance to many different segments and has a great advantage in terms of security, employment, social life and health, has been able to put them among the happiest people in the world with the opportunities it offers to its citizens.

7. Canada

Cities that are intertwined with nature, modern, friendly and well-educated people, being a rich and prosperous country, offering advantages in issues such as security and social life are the most important features that make Canada stand out as a livable country. These opportunities increase the level of happiness of the public as well as Canada is one of the happiest countries to the top.

8. New Zealand

New Zealand is a country located 1,500 km south-east of Australia, located between the South Pacific islands.New Zealand, with its lush rain forests, volcanoes, fjords, mountains, beaches, caves and glaciers, hosts many wonders that are hard to see in the world. New Zealand is also home to the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit Series.

9. Sweden

Sweden is a country located in the Scandinavian Peninsula in Northern Europe.Sweden is among the most family-friendly countries in the world. Although the costs of living are quite high, state subsidized grants to families, long maternity leave, gender equality, 5 week annual leave and green nature are the main reasons for the happiness of the people living in this country.

10. Australia

Australia is a continental country in the Southern Hemisphere. It stretches between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Australia is one step ahead geographically with its vast golden sandy beaches and spectacular climate at any time of the year. Australia, a country with a population of 24 million, is famous for its lovely kangaroos.



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