Top 9 Things To Do In Maldives

Maldives, one of the most romantic holiday spots in the world, also has a very adventurous spirit. It is possible to combine these two tastes in a single holiday in the Republic of Maldives, which consists of 1200 islands of various sizes in the south of India. It is the perfect place for a dreamy holiday in the Maldives, with luxurious resorts, breathtaking dive spots, exploded shipwrecks and numerous deserted islands.

1. Seaplane Maldive Tour

If you participate in VIP Maldives tours with seaplanes, you can go on a seaplane ride with champagne, and you can sail the deserted islands of the region from high and you can enjoy the scattered lagoons of the Indian Ocean. These flights are one of the most enjoyable ways for you to capture the most beautiful pictures of the Maldives and share them with your loved ones and take this beauty with you.

2. Underwater Diving

While diving in the Maldives, you can come across caves, cavities, drooping, sponges, feeding colorful sponges and playing with corals. You can also observe white sharks in their natural habitat. If you are interested in submarine photography with sunken ships, various underwater life, this place is for you. When you dive in the Maldives due to the natural richness of the rocks, you will have the chance to see many species from small fish, mantra rays, baby sharks to giant turtles. The Maldives islands with the world’s most beautiful pools and lagoons are the best place to learn even if you have never dived before.

3. Snorkeling

Imagine the sun striking your back while diving in the Maldives, and there are colorful corals and white sand in front of your eyes. Also, one of the easiest ways to dive is to dive with your mask, flippers and snorkel without any tools. Hanifaru Atoll is one of the ideal spots for snorkeling. You can witness the versatile submarine life of the Maldives during your dives in this region. Special dives you can make atolls, colorful sea fish, lobsters can coincide. During your dives in the Maldives, you can also see sharks, turtles, jellyfish, octopuses and rails. Another reason that makes Maldives privileged between snorkeling and diving is that you can see rare sea creatures like the great Napoleon wrasse.

4. Underwater Hotel

A luxury hotel on Rangali Island has pushed the limits of its experiences to its guests. First, the hotel designed a suite 5 meters below the sea, immediately after implementing this project rolled up its sleeves for an underwater restaurant. As a result of the project completed in a very short time, the island has become the only one in the world in the underwater experiences. After a long night under the ocean, you can start the day watching the most colorful living species of sea life. In the underwater suite and underwater restaurant, every floor is made up of glass.

5. Cruise Tours

Maldive cruise trips are an excellent way to explore the Maldives and the surrounding islands. In these tours you will find everything you want; fun, adventure, excitement .. You can prefer cruise tours to explore the island life closely, to experience coral formations and sunny calm beaches. The boats designed according to the wishes and needs of the visitors are also designed to maximize the enjoyment of their holiday. If you are fond of water sports, you have the chance to do all kinds of sports on these ships.

6. Whale Shark Swimming

The activity of meeting sharks is not only a Maldives pleasure. Your only alternative is to watch sharks through the steel cages that have been launched but with no protection, it is only Maldives to swim with sharks and swim with sharks. The region-specific Whale Sharks, aside from harming the human species, can do all sorts of games like dolphins and have fun.

7. Yoga in the Maldives

Is it possible to see the bottom of a lake clearly when the surface is still? It is impossible when there are surface fluctuations. Likewise, when the mind is silent, there is no thought or desire, you can see your essence and this is called yoga. The aim of yoga is to achieve spiritual, physical and mental happiness, to create a natural balance in the dynamic power of body, mind and soul, to remove the mind from negative thoughts and to slowly revive the body. How would you like to experience all this silence of the mind, our inner journey, with yoga in the Maldives on the thin, white sands of a vast ocean? Wishing you every day to be covered in different light, full of awareness, we recommend you to enjoy the privilege of doing yoga in the Maldives.

8. Surfing Experience

The Maldives surfing experience will offer you the best with paradise-like beaches, reefs and consistent waves. Whether you are a beginner or a professional surfing enthusiast, you can find the wave you want at any time of the year in the Maldives. The surfing season in the Maldives runs from late February to mid-November. However, local surfers say the best time is between March and May and October to November. Some of the best surfing spots are located near the island of Guraidhoo. You have many options to reach these points.

9. Night Fishing

Night fishing is an experience that you can only experience in the Maldives and this is the most famous fishing activity you will encounter along with other fishing activities. Under the stars in the calm of the night and at the end of the tour you can enjoy your own fish barbecue on a deserted island of your choice. You don’t need to be a professional to fish in the Maldives, but it is a great advantage for you to have an expert who knows the fishing areas in the Maldives. You can enjoy this activity with traditional Maldivian fishing methods.



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