5 Activities You Must Do In Cappadocia

Lavaes that were blown around Erciyes Mountain and its surroundings approximately 60 million years ago laid the foundation of fairy chimneys, which are the most popular natural formations in the world today. Aside from the fact that this natural event, which can be considered a disaster for a period, has turned into incredible beauties today and people from all over the world flocked to Cappadocia to see these beauties, the region has already managed to become an important center with its unique activities. We have listed 5 activities specific to Cappadocia for you;

1. Floating Like Birds With Air Balloons

Cappadocia balloons are the most enjoyable way to see the natural beauty of the geography to which it belongs from an unusual window. As a result of thousands of years of geological events, it is really hard to describe the sun rising in the unique valleys of Cappadocia and enjoying the sun rising meters above the ground. It is possible to participate in this activity almost every day in Cappadocia. Of course, you need to pay some fee for this.

2. Meet the Mystical State of Sport

Although we are in the middle of a unique holiday, we should not give up on our daily sport, which we have become a habit. If we spend this holiday in Cappadocia, sports should definitely be a part of the day. Just a few of the sports activities that can be done are running among natural structures with a history of millions of years, cycling on the roads of Cappadocia, each of which can be evaluated as a challenging track, or greeting the sun with yoga movements.

3. Taste Homemade Wines

Besides all its natural beauties, Cappadocia is also an important wine city. While you can shop from the promotion shops of the wine factories in the region, you can try homemade wine, witness the construction stages, find the wine that best suits your taste and fill your luggage.

4. Feel Different Tones of Music

The fairy chimneys shaped by the wind are made of very soft stones. It is possible to say that in Cappadocia, which is filled with soft and carved stones, almost every sound is played with a different acoustic. For this reason, many musical events are organized at different times of the day in Cappadocia. You can re-experience the sound of music either by participating in musical events that take place between the fairy chimneys, in places that turn into a hall by carving stones.

5. Produce Artworks From Kilden

Cappadocia is also one of the most important centers of pottery craft. While you can get the chance to observe the intricacies of this craft in the pottery workshops here, you can show your skills in this field after a short course.



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