10 Countries With Men Famous For Their Valentine Points And Key Traits

We have added 10 countries to our list for you, which are famous for their men’s basic features and love scores, and have handsome men.

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1. Russian Men

If you want someone with rosy cheeks, red nose, white skin, thin, blond hair, who smells vodka most of the day, let’s take you to the Russian men’s booth. They are men who are not possessive, but do not hesitate to dive into 10 people because they love, have trouble listening, are angry but do not turn their anger into violence against you. Their arguments are heated, they are likely to turn into a fight.

They are incapable of saying nice words, even if they do, their intonation is disgusting. Don’t expect him to give you little surprises because they don’t, they’re big, strong men who don’t like to laugh. They are extremely picky, probably because of Russian girls.

They know how to have fun, but don’t expect them to entertain you, they may forget you while having fun. In general, they are men with good bodies who are fond of drinking, love to fight, do not choke, have average lovemaking skills.

  • The points of being lovers are 5.5/10

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2. Italian Men

Are you looking for a handsome, well-groomed man who always keeps nice words on his tongue and seems to adore you? If it doesn’t matter to you that they are shy, their eyes are constantly scanning around like a radar, and their activities other than making love are very low, Italian men are your medicine.

These are men who are extremely well-groomed, speak well, spend romantic moments with you, but do not include only you in their lives, are fond of their families, and are always loud. Because women expect too much from an Italian man, they are likely to be disappointed. For example, when you say that I will walk on the clouds, I will hit the bottom of my orgasm, you may find yourself lying in bed in 3 minutes without realizing what is happening.

In other words, the biggest handicap of these men is that their reputation has already surpassed them. If you come across, they have good sex, their bodies are beautiful, their skin is well-groomed than you.

  • The points of being lovers are 7/10

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3. French Men

If you are looking for a man who is introverted, mysterious, does not like empty talk, follows trends, reads a lot, watches a lot, is well-groomed, knows the effect of speaking on people, and has the potential to say “let’s just hug and sleep tonight”, you have found the French man for you.

He is extremely kind, thoughtful, and listens intently when you are talking, but is a little cocky, smug, and picky. As it can be understood from the French kiss, they kiss well and use their tongues well in this sense. They are strangely shy and reserved, but they know how to entertain and make you laugh.

They are of a friendly, affectionate nature. He is literally a love man French man but unfortunately not a sex man. If you don’t expect much in bed, a bottle of wine and nice words are enough for me, you should hang out with a French man.

  • The points of being lovers are 5/10.

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4. Scandinavian Men

If you want a hairless, yellow, well-built, white, beautiful smiling man with white teeth, who will hug you tightly, Scandinavian men are the men for you. They are extremely egalitarian men so that you pay for the food you eat jointly, they don’t let you go to your house, if you go for a walk, you pay for the gas together.

They do not look at marriage very warmly, they are adventurous, keen on seeing new places and getting to know new people, they are independent, free men. Don’t let the fact that their ancestors are Vikings put you in high expectations because unlike their daughters, Scandinavian men make love badly, so in short, Scandinavian men are the types that should not be preferred as lovers. Oh, you found a very good one, I don’t know.

  • The points of being lovers are 5/10.

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5. German Men

They are disciplined, punctual, strict

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, prescriptive, conservative, closed to changes, beer lovers, well-built, white-skinned, hard-working men. He is the type of man who is most afraid of committing to someone, but if he trusts you and is attached to you, he will have a good relationship. He’s cocky, he’s mean, he’s shameless, and he makes good love.

However, when they are in bed, they can be disturbing because they like diversity. They like to live alone so it may take time to get involved in their life and therefore they are frugal which is often interpreted as being stingy.

They do the housework, take care of the ironing, are hardworking, they are aware that life is common. They are libertarians, great helpers in raising children. It’s true that they have beer bellies with age. They are self-care-loving, shy, monotonous types.

  • The points of being lovers are 5/10.

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6. Greek Men

Greek men are self-confident, sociable, and endearing themselves with their warm-blooded nature stemming from the Mediterranean. He talks a lot, listens a little, he has no tricks in bed.

Young Greek men are very well-groomed, but after a certain age they set off well and break down. They cook well, they are skillful in the kitchen. Greek men can be preferred because they are self-confident and friendly.

  • The points of being lovers are 5/10.

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7. American Men

Don’t be fooled by what you see in movies and TV shows and think that they are all athletic, sociable, romantic, thoughtful, or something. They can be very rude, inconsiderate, careless, and fat. Although it is difficult to find a genuine American male, we cannot make a clear generalization.

Because most of our American polls are Australian, Mexican, Spanish, Puerto Rican, Canadian, British, etc. can come out. American men are vulgar, ignorant of public life, rude and quarrelsome when warned, poorly spoken, unromantic.

They love to make love, but when they do, they are rude and harsh. Their hobbies are to roll their ass and sleep when they’re done. They do not own their lover because it is difficult for them to take someone into their life, to possess them. They are messy types who are fond of their individual freedoms, away from housework.

  • The points of being lovers are 6/10.

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8. Japanese Men

They are respectful, small, smiling, shy types. They talk fast, they are excited, although they are timid, they also have a rude side. They are attached to their families, traditions, loves technology, know how to make do with little, do not know how to entertain you, their sense of humor is terrible.

They are tolerant, large men. They have a reliable and pure nature. They are helpful and sex-loving types. But they can be very awkward in bed. They may want to try out impossible things, they may be harsh, their voices may come out at high decibels.

  • The points of being lovers are 6/10.

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9. Hispanic Men

They are warm, handsome, well-groomed, fast-talking, thoughtful, and romantic men. Of course, not all are like this, but find you like this because they are not few in number. They can impress you by reading a poem, they like nightlife, fun.

They do strange things to impress you, but when they get it, that man can disappear in an instant. He may be replaced by someone more macho, rude, and soulless. They have a friendly, affectionate, and flirtatious disposition.

They don’t like to talk, they ask you if we go to have fun after they learn your name. Bed performances are good, they make you feel valued. The type of man who can connect you with his words, sympathy, and jokes, not just with his handsomeness.

  • The points of being lovers are 5/10.

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10. Czech Men

Mature, quiet, libertarian, thoughtful, and unprejudiced men. Their jealousy is almost non-existent, their self-confidence is quite high. Built, handsome, well-groomed types. They have sharp features, pointed faces, prominent eyes.

He has a stubborn, stubborn structure. They don’t talk much, they don’t possess much, they don’t get jealous at all. They like to drink, they don’t know how to have fun, it cannot be said that they make love very well.

  • The points of being lovers are 5/10.

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