10 Impossible and Forbidden Places in the World

It is a fact that we do not have the luxury of being able to enter everywhere in the world easily by waving our hands. It takes courage to enter some, and even if we want to enter some, it is impossible and absolutely forbidden.

Can you imagine, there are sheltered places that even the President of the USA can enter by requiring special permissions. Or places that are impossible to enter because their existence is not officially recognized …We have listed 10 impossible and forbidden places in the world, from the places where the entrants were killed to the sheltered places designed for the post-apocalypse.

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1. Area 51 – Nevada, USA

If you ask what is the best protected and most secret place among the impossible and prohibited places in the world, Region 51 in the USA. This secret area is located about 153 kilometers north of Las Vegas near Lake Groom. Aside from being able to enter, we can only see this land, which is forbidden to fly, from satellite images. What’s going on inside is a secret!

Zone 51 was built during the Cold War as a test and development facility for aircraft. Although it was opened in the early 1950s, the 51st Region, which was first officially accepted by the CIA in 2013, is now owned by the US Department of Defense and the US Air Force. The region, where even the President of the USA entered with special permission, has been hidden for years. The first US President to make this place public is Barack Obama.

Considering that even the President of the United States entered the 51st Region, which is protected by hundreds of soldiers, cameras that see every angle, and hidden sensors in the desert, it is impossible for anyone else to enter and it is forbidden. The end of those who try to enter the 51st Region, who managed to frighten people with the numerous warning signs and armed guards around them, is not good; Because the soldiers on duty have the authority to kill those who try to enter!

It is known that studies, researches, and analyzes are carried out on aircraft and weapons in the 51st Region. What is there to be kept secret? There are a lot of UFO theories about the region. It is thought that the aliens/spaceships seized in the region were examined here.51. Regional employees and retired scientists have a speech ban. Despite the ban, Boyd Bushman said that aliens existed before his death and shared a video showing the alien’s photos from Area 51.

Some of the aliens who are said to work for the US Government are said to have reached 250’s, but the US did not refute the “alien” claims. UFO theories of the region date back to the Roswell accident that occurred in 1947. We cannot know the truth margin; However, it is a fact that Region 51, which is known all over the world due to the discourses that galactic visitors hide inside, made the Nevada Desert attractive for tourism.

If you are wondering what we can see in the region other than the scary warning signs, in 1996 the name of Route 375 was renamed “Extraterrestrial Highway” and “space” themed spaces were opened in the region. Alien Research Center and Little A’le’Inn are also points that attract attention from tourists.

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2. Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center – Virginia, USA

The US Government has planned their meeting place in case of possible disaster. The “Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center”, known as the place where the US Government conducts emergency operations, is one of the impossible and prohibited places in the world. Mount Weather is a defense center established after Soviet Russia launched the Sputnik satellite into space in 1958.

Created for use by US Government officials in case of disaster, this underground living complex is designed to be the “safest place in the world” in global destruction. It is crafted to protect not only top government officials but also national treasures (such as artworks in the National Gallery).

It is impossible and prohibited to enter Mount Weather, which is highly protected both underground and above ground. Even if you are a member of the US high bureaucrats, you do not have permission to enter here; no one can even come close to the complex from outside. Access to this emergency complex is only possible with the seal of approval from the US Government.

Designed as a post-apocalyptic and emergency operations center, Mount Weather is featured in many books, series, movies, and games. Mount Weather is featured in the video game Call of Duty: Black Ops II as an emergency facility in the movie Thirteen Days, and also appears in the X-Files and the post-apocalyptic series The 100.

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3. The Secret Warehouse in Mormon Churches – Utah, USA

The warehouse, whose center is in Utah and called “The Secret Storage in Mormon Churches”, was built in 1965 600 meters deep in a granite mountain. What can be stored in a warehouse that is designed to withstand even a nuclear explosion and has superior security measures? Located in Little Cottonwood Canyon, the warehouse was created in time to store and preserve important records for the church.

Mormons started collecting information on family registers in the 1930s. This secret warehouse in Mormon churches holds the world’s oldest, largest family tree records and historical information. It is known that there are more than 3.5 billion images and more than 3 billion pages of data in microfilm and digital media. The archive is said to have been created through agreements with libraries, churches, and secret archives of more than 100 countries.

The secret warehouse in Mormon Churches, which are closed to public access, is one of the impossible and prohibited places. Even Mormon Church members are not allowed to access this warehouse; only high-ranking religious leaders have access to the secret warehouse. Special tours are organized to the front of the warehouse for those who want to see the location of the vault. Of course, why pay to see a warehouse without access from outside, it doesn’t make much sense there.

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4. Svalbard Global Seed Vault (Doomsday Warehouse) – Spitsbergen Island, Norway

Since our most basic need is nutrition, it is normal that the first thing that comes to mind in doomsday scenarios is the food problem. Of course, this problem has been considered and seed storage was built to serve as Noah’s Ark, in order to be the last hope of humanity. The place to go in the event of a disaster is the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, or the Doomsday Warehouse.

It is designed to preserve the diversity of crops on earth even in the worst disaster scenario that can happen to humanity. The warehouse, which was designed to meet the need for supplies and to establish a “Plant Kingdom” from scratch, has been operating since March 2008 when life in the world comes to an end. Built-in a mountain on Spitsbergen Island in Norway, the warehouse cost about 9 million dollars. It was built to last 200 years and was resistant to all kinds of earthquakes and explosions.

Spitsbergen Island was chosen for the seed storage because of the frozen land and 130 meters above sea level. According to researches, the warehouse will remain above sea level even if all the glaciers on the earth melt. Seeds packaged in 4 layers to be protected in all kinds of conditions such as humidity and heat come from different parts of the world. Imagine, even North Korea has frozen seeds in this warehouse! The biggest contribution is from the US seed bank.

There are approximately 840,000 specimens of 4,000 different seed species in the warehouse, which contains seeds from all known plants in the world. The most important plant species are wheat, corn, rice, potato, apple, and coconut. All states have the right to drop seed samples here in cases where food crops are compromised globally or regionally. If you are not a private researcher or plant breeder, you are absolutely not allowed to enter the seed warehouse. Known as one of the best protected and safest places in the world, the Svalbard Global Seed Warehouse is impossible and prohibited unless there is a major disaster.

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5. Cheyenne Mountain Complex – Colorado, USA

The impossible and forbidden places are generally complexes built for “post-apocalyptic”.So when you see a huge mountain, can you imagine that it is like a “huge city”? The Cheyenne Mountain Complex, which serves the American Space Command and the North American Army, is exactly such a place. The complex, built deep into the mountain during the Cold War, was created in the 1960s in fear of Russia’s nuclear attack threat. Scientists say this complex is resistant to any nuclear, biological, or electromagnetic threat.

The Cheyenne Mountain Complex is an enormous sanctuary of about 20 tunnels that are unique. The complex, consisting of 15 buildings built on rails, is almost a self-sufficient city. It is known that there are 5 lakes in it that can be used as a backup heating and cooling system. The complex contains all kinds of food, water, sewage, and energy.

According to an Indian legend, Mount Cheyenne is a dragon that saved the Ute Tribe, one of the Native American tribes, years ago. Punished by the gods by a great flood

, the people pray so much that the Gods who have pity on people and accept their cries send a dragon to drink their floodwaters. The dragon that drinks the waterfalls asleep and becomes stone and this mountain is formed according to the legend.

Mount Cheyenne, once called the “sleeping dragon,” has been running 24/7 without sleep since 1966, with the construction of this complex. It is absolutely impossible to enter the complex, except for employees who analyze surveillance systems all over the world and in space.

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6. HavenCo – Sealand, UK

HavenCo in the UK is one of the places that are not known exactly what is inside, what is protected, and is impossible to enter and is forbidden.HavenCo is a structure located in the middle of the sea about six miles from the shore, which is only accessible to members of the British Royal family and investors.

Known as the “Roughs Tower“, this ancient man-made structure was built in the middle of the sea against German aircraft attacks during the Second World War.HavenCo was opened in 2000 to provide data hosting services in the Principality of Sealand in order to circumvent some restrictions of British law.

Although it is called “data paradise”, very few people know what is housed and stored at HavenCo. Of course, it is easily understood from here that it is impossible to enter.HavenCo, which closed in 2008 without any explanation about its services and operations, started its operations again in 2013.

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7. Metro-2 – Moscow, Russia

As it will be impossible to enter a place whose existence is denied. I’m talking about a secret underground transport system in Moscow called Metro-2. The tunnel, which is said to have been built during the Stalin era and will serve as a secret escape tunnel for senior officials during the war or in a possible disaster, bears the code name D-6 KGB.

The Moscow Metro Administration persistently denies the existence of these subway tunnels, which are believed to be 4. Despite this, there are people who say he worked in Metro-2 construction. Moreover, it is claimed by a group in 1994 that the entrance to the underground system was found. Although the existence of subway tunnels has not been proven by any document, it is said that the subway tunnels extend to depths of 50-200 meters.

Metro-2 tunnels are said to connect important administrative institutions such as the Kremlin, Vnukovo-2 Airport, and the General Staff Academy. Of course, it includes apartments and technical rooms as well as administrative institutions.

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8. Federal Reserve Bank of New York – New York, USA

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, where 25% of the world’s gold is stored, is an impossible and prohibited place, protected by high-security measures. The reserve bank, 60 meters below sea level, is the most active and wealthiest Federal Reserve Bank in the world.

During World War II, gold in the USA was stored in this bank. Located in the basement of the Bank of New York, this reserve bank is still a safe home for $ 250 billion in gold bars. Imagine 7,000 tons of gold bricks! Then, with what security measures and how they are kept …

New York Federal Reserve Bank surveillance cameras are monitored 24 hours a day with motion sensors and guarded by special gunmen from the Federal Reserve. Do you think this is it? The section where gold bullion is located has steel-reinforced concrete walls. There is also a 140-ton cylinder that protects the entrance to the chassis. The cylinder placed in the appropriate hole turns 90 degrees and opens.

So you have another thing to overcome: A combination. Impossible to enter here. There isn’t even one person who knows the whole of this combination. It has to be a “control group” of 3 people in order to unravel the combination and reach the gold by going through other stages.

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9. Vatican Secret Archives – Vatican

The Vatican Secret Archives, the holy place of the Vatican, which continues to be a mystery for everyone, has the most exclusive archives in the world. Access to the archives, which have been called the “Vatican Apostolic Archive” since 2019, is almost impossible. Established as a storage area for the documents of the Catholic Church, the archive hosts very valuable documents dating back to the 8th century.

All recorded works, published books, state correspondence, religious research are kept in this archive established underground. There are more than 35 thousand documents on the shelves of 85 kilometers. Among the documents, Michelangelo’s Pope II. The letter he wrote for Julius and Martin Luther’s document of ex-communication is included. One of the most confidential documents is the minutes of the cases against the Knights Templar.

The rightful owner of the archive during his term of office is the Pope of the period. The Vatican Secret Archives, which nobody had permission to enter until the 17th century, were opened by Pope Paul the 5th in the 17th century as limited to academics. In 1881, Pope Leo the 13th opened its doors for researchers. Documents under the age of 75 are kept strictly confidential for the purpose of protecting diplomatic and state information and are not shared under any circumstances.

Today, researchers can access the Vatican Secret Archives with special permissions; of course, provided they can provide very detailed application requirements. Nobody can access this place, except researchers who exceed difficult conditions, access to the archive is strictly prohibited.

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10. 39. Room – North Korea

Of course, it would be impossible to learn if something secretly returns in North Korea, the world’s most closed country. We already know how difficult it is to enter the country; But let’s just say we’re in North Korea, again there is an impossible and prohibited place: Room 39. After the death of the founder of North Korea, Kim II-Sung, his son founded the 39th Chamber as the “cornerstone of the palace economy”.

It is unknown where the 39th Chamber, established in the late 1970s, gets its name. Rumors about this secret office with almost no information about it are quite disturbing. According to US-based operations, Chamber 39 plays a role in a wide range of crimes, from counterfeit money to drug trafficking. It is impossible to reveal illegal activities due to the country’s silence policy. For this reason, North Korea can easily deny all claims.

It is not disclosed exactly what is going on inside, although the rumors are denied, it is strictly forbidden to enter the 39th Chamber. The punishment for entering is death! Moreover, this punishment is not only applied to the person entering, but also to the family of the person. You imagine the rest!

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