The 10 Places to Eat the World’s Best Chocolate

Chocolate is one of the most loved foods in the world. Besides being a food with high nutritional value, improving the body, and giving energy, it is also a food that gives happiness. We have prepared 10 places where chocolate is the best in the world and the best quality chocolate brands for you.

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1. Godiva, Belgium

Belgium is complete chocolate heaven… There are 12 chocolate factories, 16 chocolate museums, and more than 2100 chocolate shops in this country. In Brussels, there are two of the world’s largest chocolate factories. Of course, one of them is Godiva and the other is Leonidas.

*Note: The best chocolate brands in Brussels, where the world’s best chocolates are produced, are as follows: Wittamer, Pierre Marcolini, Neuhaus, Godiva, Leonidas, and Zaabar.

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2. Zurich, Switzerland

Chocolate consumption per capita in Switzerland is higher than anywhere else in the world. Because Swiss people understand the chocolate business very well. The most important chocolate producers of Switzerland are Nestle, Toblerone, Lindt, Teuscher, and Sprungli.

*Note: You can find the Teuscher, Lindt, and Spungli brands in almost any local chocolate shop. If you want, you can visit Lindt’s factory and buy the products there with discounts of up to 20%.

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3. Barcelona, Spain

The Spaniards are one of the first countries to discover chocolate. In the city that has been producing chocolate since 1780, when they made the chocolate machine for the first time, you can eat better chocolates than the other. The best of these is the Museo de La Xocolata brand.

*Note: Chocolates Amatller and Chocolate a la Taza brands have been producing the best quality chocolates you can eat in the world for about 150 years. Other brands are: Dulcinea, Fargas and Pasteleria Escriba.

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4. Oaxaca, Mexico

The world’s first chocolatiers were Mexicans living in America, and then this tradition continued in Mexico. Today, even walking down the street in Oaxaca, Mexico, you can see dozens of different chocolatiers. Interestingly, every chocolate you buy from here is also very delicious. The most important feature of Oaxaca chocolates is that they are not produced in the factory, but are produced by hand using the old methods.

*Note: There are 3 major chocolate producers in the city: Moyordomo, Guelaguetza, and La Soledad.

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5. San Francisco, California

As in New York, many chocolate lovers flock to San Francisco to eat the best chocolates in the world. But one of them has Ghirardelli Chocolate which is the best.

* Note: The best chocolates other than Ghirardelli chocolate are Michael Recchiuti, XOX Truffle, Richart San Francisco, Cocoa Bella, TCHO, Coco-Luxe, and Christopher Elbow Artisinal Chocolates.

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6. Villajoyosa, Spain

The chocolate history of the Villajoyosa brand dates back to the 18th century. The story

, which started with the export of cocoa beans from Venezuela to Ecuador at that time, made Villajoyosa the oldest chocolate producer in Spain.

*Note: Valor is definitely the best chocolate you can eat in this city. Other good chocolate shops are Chocolates Perez, Mokafe, Chocolates Clavileno, Siroco, and Jose Vinache Soriano.

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7. New York, USA

Like everything else, you can find the world’s best chocolates in New York. If you want, you can join chocolate tours here and see how chocolate is made and add more happiness to your day.

*Note: You can find a wide variety of fine chocolate stores in New York, but the best ones are Chocolate Bar, MarieBelle, Li-Lac, and Richart Design et Chocolat. We also say that you should definitely try the truffles and chocolates made by the chocolate master Jacques Torres.

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8. Hershey, Pennsylvania

You may have heard of Hershey’s chocolate. Hershey’s has been one of America’s largest chocolate brands since 1906 and is produced in Pennsylvania.

* Note: Here you can visit one of the most beautiful places in the world. You can even enter the chocolate spa at the “Chocolate Tasting Adventure” center. Other stores are Café Zooka and Cocoa Beanery.

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9. Tain L’Hermitage, France

Tain L’Hermitage, a small town in France, where the heart of wine beats, and only an hour away from Lyon, is home to Valrhona, one of the most famous chocolate brands in the world. The doors of Valrhona Ecole du Grand Chocolat, which is both a store and a school that trains new chocolate chefs, are also open to amateurs who want to learn new recipes in a short time.

*Note: There is no other important chocolate brand that can compete with the Valrhona brand, which was founded in 1922.

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10. Cologne, Germany

Stollwerck chocolate company, which is the second-largest chocolate supplier in the world, is located in Cologne, the chocolate capital of Germany. This company opened a museum called Stollwerck for the 150th-anniversary celebrations. This museum is a chocolate museum and the history of chocolate is explained in it. We can’t help but mention that there is a huge chocolate fountain inside.

*Note: Although the chocolate museum produces and sells chocolate, this is a museum built mostly to exhibit chocolate. You can buy Stollwerck chocolate from many cafes and shops. Other chocolate shops: La Maison du Chocolate, Tortchen Tortchen, Weibler Confectionery, Demnitz Chocolaterie, Mama Chocolate, and Leonidas Chocolates.

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