10 Countries With The Most Handsome Men In Europe

Did you know that the term “beauty” was first used for men? In other words, the male body, which was aesthetic in the past, was the female body that was flawed but functional. The concept that emerged in ancient Greece and started to be used for the male body later became a monopoly of women.

The diversification of mainstream taste perception of the age has a high effect on this. For example, a concept called charismatic, but not handsome, has been derived. While sharp-nosed, balding men were declared clever, various concepts such as black fat and baby faces were formed, and it was impossible to call men only beautiful. However, we have listed the countries with the most handsome men in Europe for you, although their outstanding features are various.

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1. Italy

Now let’s sit crooked and talk right, there is a fact called the Italian man! It is not known whether it is known from the chocolate advertisements in which elite men play the leading role, the elegant air that understands the spirit of women, or the warmth of being from the summer country, but if our subject is “handsome”, well-groomed, parched and colorful-eyed Italians have an obvious claim to being the ideal man. .

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2. Sweden

There is no other race of men as humble and kind as the Swedes! Swedish men are known for their kindness and humility …

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3. England

Although the fashion weeks are held in Italy, Italians who tend to undress rather than dress in the heat of the south tend to have fit bodies and impressive skin colors before their clothes. But the expressive accents and deep culture of the British, accompanying their proud stance of royal lineage, give them a completely different image.

British men, who are distant gentlemen in the bleak and cool climate they live in, care a lot about etiquette. While their cool looks give them an extra charisma, their stylish and elite clothing is highly appreciated. For those who do not like too much intimacy and who never come to unbelief, the distant stance of English men is admirable.

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4. Spain

When flamenco is mentioned, the heel hits of women, the pain and sorrow experienced by Spanish gypsies come to mind, but the first to come to mind are women in dresses with flowers and red lamps! In Flamenco, which is essentially a paired dance, the impressive performances of the men are too impressive to ignore.

Spain is a great destination for art lovers, so much so that theater, music and dance have spilled over to the streets, and has become to be found every step of the way. The Spanish language also contains a very pleasant melody, and its men again give great examples of friendly people of the south. When it comes to Spanish men, it is not possible to ignore geography! Competing with Italians to be romantic in their joyful lives, sea, sand, sun, these men draw attention with their relaxed looks and shabby styles.

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5. France

If we weigh those who admire the French language and those who find it rude, we cannot predict who will outweigh, but all we know is that French men are highly admired and the fact that they are handsome has long been disputed. These men, whose intellectuality flows from their stance and who almost embarrass people with their kindness, are also remarkable with their appearance. Being a man in a country that steals every thread of art and is famous for its lovers is also a luck.

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6. Denmark

Within the borders of Denmark, there is a nation that has managed to become a pure race and maintains its difference regardless of women or men with their white skin, yellow hair and blue eyes! Not everyone calls black fat handsome, doesn’t like dark skin! Danish men are neither cold nor hot cool country people.

Although it looks like it has a color that is not preferred by the majority and does not put it in the handsome category, the skin and hair color added to its physical features are quite interesting and manages to enter the list of handsome men easily.

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7. Greece

I would not go too far, I would not dive into very different cultures, etc. if you say, here is the Greek man for you. Greek men; They have a very good type, behavior, approach and self-confidence. He talks a lot, listens less. Young Greek men are well-groomed and cook well, they are skilled in the kitchen.

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8. Germany

Disciplined, punctual, strict, strict, conservative, beer-lover, well-built, white-skinned, high-minded men. He’s the type of guy who is most afraid of being attached to someone, but if he trusts and connects with you, he’ll have a good relationship. He’s cocky, rude, shameless and good-sex. However, their condition in bed can be uncomfortable because they like difference.

They like to live alone so it can take time for you to get involved in their life and therefore they are thrifty, which is often interpreted as being stingy. They do household chores, take care of them until they iron them, they are hardworking, they are aware that life is common. They are liberal, great helpers in raising children.

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9. Belgium

Belgian men and women have recently become part of the European Union, but most have achieved the best European qualifications in addition to the Slavs. The Belgian population is a synthesis of eastern roots and western influence. It is not surprising that many women admire them as they combine the Slavic appearance and European character of Belgian men. Those from Belgium are highly educated and intellectual people. They honor women, their state and other values, so they can definitely be called gentlemen.

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10. Czech Republic

Mature, quiet, libertarian, thoughtful and prejudiced men. Their jealousy is almost nonexistent, their self-confidence is very high. Built, handsome, well-groomed types. They have sharp lines, pointed faces and prominent eyes. It has a stubborn structure. They don’t talk a lot, don’t own much, they never get jealous.

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