The 5 Most Famous Shopping Malls in Dubai


Dubai is literally a shopping city. The stores open around 10:00 in the morning and are open until 22:00 on weekdays and until 00:00 or 01:00 on weekends. Shopping is not a necessity for the people of Dubai, it is almost a social activity. There are many reasons why shopping malls in Dubai are so popular. The first and most important of these is the Dubai weather. Temperatures stay high in Dubai most of the year. Especially in June, July, and August, the temperatures become unbearable. This inevitably leads people to closed areas. This is the reason why Dubai Malls are so preferred. Especially if you are not very good with the heat, Dubai Malls will be a savior for you.

Another reason why shopping is so popular in Dubai is the opportunities it offers. Apart from shopping malls, the city has beautiful old bazaars and shops that offer tax-free shopping options. It is no coincidence that Dubai, where you can find quality products at the most affordable prices, is called “the shopping capital of the Middle East”. Even luxury items such as carpets, electronics, gold, and textiles are cheaper here than elsewhere. Also, Dubai hosts one of the biggest shopping festivals in the world in January every year.

If you think of low, stuffy, boring, and depressive places when you think of shopping malls, forget about them. Apart from shopping, you can watch movies, use skateboard tracks, watch the world’s largest aquarium, and even swim in Dubai Malls. Here are some of the most preferred shopping centers in the city:

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1. Dubai Mall

Welcome to the largest shopping center in the world. Dubai Mall is the Dubai Mall that received the most visitors with 80 million in 2014. There are brands such as Alexander McQueen, Valentino, Gucci, Chanel, and Ralph Lauren in the shopping center, where more than 1200 stores are located.

If shopping is not enough, you should know that Dubai Mall is home to one of the world’s largest aquariums and underwater zoos. You will feel yourself in the depths of the ocean as you pass through the underwater tunnel.

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2. Mall Of Emirates

It would be unfair to call Mall of Emirates just a mall. The Mall of Emirates, which attracts the most attention among the Dubai shopping malls after the Dubai Mall, is almost a shopping holiday center. The center brings together 630 luxury brands as well as many designers from the fashion world with fashion lovers. Burberry, Bvlgari, Cartier, Coach, Dior, Fendi, Furla are just a few of the luxury brands here.

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3. Dubai Outlet Mall

It would not be without talking about Dubai shopping malls and talking about outlets. The Dubai Outlet Mall, which opened its doors in 2017, is a part of the Dubai Outlet City and the famous stores here, with discounts of up to 90%, surprises their visitors. Among the 240 stores, there are also brands such as Adidas, Coach, Fred Perry, Mango, and Aldo.

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4. BurJuman

If you go to Bur Dubai, the business center of the city on your Dubai tour, do not return without stopping by BurJuman. Located in the center of Bur Dubai, this shopping mall features popular budget-friendly brands such as H&M and Charles & Keith, as well as luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton Bvlgari. Like many Dubai Malls, this place focuses on entertainment as well as shopping.

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5. Ibn Battuta Mall

Inspired by Ibn Battuta from Morocco, one of the greatest travelers of the Middle Ages, this mall is known as the world’s largest themed shopping center. In the center, which carries the mystical lines of the east, there are 6 shopping floors and all of them are waiting to be discovered.

Shopping in Dubai turns into an adventure here. Debenhams, Geant, Marks & Spencer, Sharaf DG, and Decathlon are some of the stores you can find in Ibn Battuta.

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