The Best Way to Enjoy Belgium

We wouldn’t be exaggerating if we say chocolate and potatoes are the first things that come to mind when talking about the Belgium trip. But what to see and do in Belgium is not limited to eating and drinking! Let’s see what happened on the Belgium tour.

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1. Important Points to See in Brussels

The Grand Place in the city center is among the main tourist attractions of Brussels. So when you come to the city, this should be the first stop you will go to and the starting point of your trip. When you arrive you will understand why we recommend you see this place first. The oldest buildings on Grand Place are the facing Gothic Town Hall and the King’s House, built in the 15th century.

The buildings, which defy centuries and are the work of fine workmanship, have been renovated and preserved as they were until today from the Middle Ages. Whether you take photos here or examine the detailed engravings on the facade wall, we recommend you enjoy the atmosphere in a cafe overlooking the square.

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2. Manneken Pis Sculpture That Has Become The Symbol Of The City

We wouldn’t be exaggerating if we say that this tiny sculpture, known as the Peeing Child Statue, has become the symbol of Brussels or even Belgium. If you think about how to find the statue on the side street of Grand Place, just follow the crowd gathered at the beginning. Manneken Pis will cheer up your Instagram stories and definitely add joy to your day.

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3. Atomium, the Focus of Interest for Tourists

Atomium, which is definitely among the most interesting structures in the world, symbolizes the atoms connected to each other, as can be understood from its name and shape. Built for the 1958 Brussels World Fair, the building emerged as a manifestation of the importance given to science and the scientific rush in the 1950s. Just as the Eiffel Tower was built for the fair held in Paris and decided to leave it as it was later, Atomium remained a tourist attraction point. You can have a nice meal at the restaurant inside the atomic sphere at the top of the Atomium and enjoy the panoramic view.

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4. The Indispensable Flavors of Brussels

If you ask what Belgium is famous for, it is not possible to talk about a single meal. Belgian cuisine, which stands out with mussels and fries, is actually quite assertive in seafood; So much so that a street in Brussels is full of seafood restaurants. Do not return without a feast in this place that attracts gastronomy enthusiasts from all over the world!

Even if you think about what to eat for dessert, “gauffre”, the famous Belgian waffle, is delicious enough to make your mouth watery. Of course, we cannot pass without counting Belgian chocolate. You can visit the chocolate museum in Brussels, which will take you on a journey of taste with its world-renowned chocolates, and if you wish, you can attend chocolate-making workshops. A great option to add a twist to your Belgium tour adventure.

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5. Discover the Antwerp Zoo

The first stop after Brussels on our Belgium tour in Antwerp, the country’s second-largest city. The city, which stands out with its surprisingly large zoo and historical buildings, is also among the fashion centers of Europe. After visiting the Antwerp Fashion Museum, if you want to buy something for yourself or your loved ones, it will be very enjoyable to visit the boutique shops.

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6. Stroll the Bruges Canals

Next is Brugge, which is surrounded by canals on all four sides. Get ready for a journey in history on your Belgium tour, with its low buildings from the Middle Ages and the smell of chocolate that dominates the city. Brugge is waiting for you with its attractions that will take you to another dimension and make you feel like you are in a different land. Of course, it is not possible to come here and return without joining the canal tour.

Places to see in Bruges include Market Square, Burg Square, St. Jans Hospital, and Minnewater Park, which turns colorful with tulips in April-May. If you set your Belgium tour dates this April or May, you will be right on the tulip time, which means an unforgettable holiday for you!

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7. Visit Lion Hill in Waterloo

Waterloo, the region where the Battle of Waterloo, which has a significant place in both French and British history, is located in the south of Brussels. In this place, which is at a distance from Brussels on a daily basis, you will see a man-made hill and a lion statue on it. This point referred to as the Lion’s Hill is a symbolic point of Waterloo. Traveling by watching the fields while driving is yet another experience.

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8. Gent Where You will Live the Medieval Years

We cannot expect Belgium, neighboring the Netherlands, to not have its share of channels. Another Belgian city known for its canals is Ghent. Ghent, which was among the richest cities of Europe especially in the Middle Ages, today maintains that medieval atmosphere very well.

The road you need to come from Brussels to walk around the city where you can go on phaeton tours as well as canal tours and enjoy the tranquility takes only 1 hour by car. If you wish, you can evaluate the Brussels car rental options and make a tour of Belgium by car at an affordable price.

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