Top 10 Countries Famous for Their Dances

Cuisine, sports, music, traditions and of course dances vary according to the cultures of the countries. While some of them want rain from their gods, they depict love; Some are famous for their war dances, some for their religious ritual dances … We have prepared dance cultures for you in this list, where each country has its own traditions.

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1. Salsa Dance, Cuba

Although it is assumed that it originated in the Caribbean, the introduction of Salsa dance to the world has been due to its prevalence in Cuba and today it has been identified with a wide geography as “Latin American dance”. The dance, which has a sensual tone with flirty figures, is performed in pairs. The rhythm of the music and the figures of the waist and hip limbs are accompanied by the feet and movements are improvised.

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2. Shaolin Monk Dance, China

Shaolin tradition with more than 1500 years of history is one of the most established temple cultures in China. The dance of Shaolin monks, who created a dance of their own by combining the discipline-based religious culture of Asia with martial arts, is one of the most interesting and exciting dances in the world.

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3. Step Dance, Ireland

Step dance, which gained popularity with its performance in 1994 named “Riverdance” and thus known as Riverdance, can be performed by a single person or a group. While there are very fast movements in the content of the dance, the upper part of the body generally remains stable and the legs fit the music with fast, rhythmic movements.

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4. Tap Dance, USA

The name of the tap dance comes from the practice of dance. There is a metal plate under the shoes of the dancers, and during the figures, the dancers hit their feet on the ground and create rhythms themselves. For this reason, the dance, which is generally done on hard, wooden floors, was first started in the United States in the late 19th century.

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5. Waltz Dance, Austria

Vals, which is a very smooth and graceful dance, is generally known as hall dance. Waltz rhythm is an activity in which noble people reinforce their nobility, and their music is melodic. This dance that emerged in Austria is one of the most famous and widely performed dances in the world.

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6. Hopak Dance, Ukraine

Hopak, also known as the Caucasian dance, is actually considered the official dance of Ukraine. There are visual and technically fascinating moves in the dance, which consists of quite acrobatic figures. The dance, which consists of jumps, turns and collapses, is very active and difficult.

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7. Cancan Dance, France

Cancan dance, which has been popular in French cabarets since the 1700s, requires a very energetic dance and physical competence. In the dance, which is exhibited by women dancers with a long skirted dress and black long socks, the dancers move their skirts from right to left and lift their legs.

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8. Ballet Dance, Italy

Although it later took the form of a concert dance in France and Russia and became more popular, Bale actually originated in the Renaissance Italy. The ballet, which has gained its reputation as it later turned, is one of the most taught and taught dances in the world. Classical music is often accompanied by dance, which requires athletics and flexibility.

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9. Belly Dance, Middle East

It is unknown from which country the belly dance, which is very popular with the name of belly dance, originated. However, Egypt, Turkey, made many Middle Eastern countries such as Lebanon. Belly dance, whose fame spread throughout the past century and started to be performed even in England and Australia, is performed with flexible figures on oriental rhythms.

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10. Tango Dance, Argentina

As we know from our media, which gives everyone who are Argentine named “tango”, Tango dance is the official dance of Argentina. However, the places where their origins lie lie also in Uruguay. Tango, another dance called Latin American dance, is the equivalent of love and romance in dance. The training of tango, which is called the most difficult dance to master, is the place to say that there is no end, but it is a dance that fascinates with every view, even in amateur performances.

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