The 5 Holiday Destinations for Girl-to-Girl

Girl-on-girl vacation is another taste! Discovering new places together, enjoying the food, shopping wildly, experiencing the magical world of art and architecture, dancing, and having fun… There is nothing like experiencing them with the closest girlfriends. It is obvious that you will enjoy it wherever you go with your friends, but there are some routes that will increase the happiness dosage of the holiday!

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1. Paris, France

Paris, which is the first city that comes to mind when it comes to romantic holidays, is actually an ideal city for girl-to-girl holidays. This is a city where you can eat magnificent desserts, shop from special boutiques and shops, dance a lot in fun clubs, and visit very good and rich museums! Who can say no to such a vacation?

A city that will satisfy your soul with art, your body with its sweets, wine, and cheeses, and your eyes with all its remaining beauties. You already deserve this holiday with your best friend!

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2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

If we say Amsterdam, the best route to choose to reach the heights of girl-on-girl fun abroad, you won’t be surprised. Amsterdam’s unique entertainment style will fascinate you as it fascinates everyone who goes. It’s not just fun; If you want to include art, you are at the right place. This small city contains incredibly beautiful museums.

Not to mention the impressive architecture and the possibility to go anywhere by bike! Girlfriends, who want a holiday full of fun, art, new experiences and differences, should start looking for tickets to Amsterdam!

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3. Cesme, Izmir

Let’s start with the destinations in our country. Izmir, the pearl of Cesme, is one of Turkey’s most popular and most popular holiday destinations. Alacatı beaches, where the cool waters of the Aegean meet wonderful music, taste stops where you can taste special dishes, clubs where you can color your night by dancing wildly and Alacatı streets where you will want to get lost are among the best choices for a girl-to-girl holiday.

You should not forget the design boutiques where you cannot stop shopping while wandering the streets! If you have not been to girl-girl before, you should definitely experience Ceşme this way.

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4. Mykonos, Greece

When talking about a vacation destination for girl-to-girl, it is not without mentioning the exquisite Greek Islands! Maybe many of them smell romance, but Mykonos is the center of entertainment.

Sunsets, where you will toast with your future plans and the main laughter, taverns with deep blue scent, unique Aegean sea, charming streets where you want to get lost, clubs that organize great parties, await you in Mykonos.

If you want to get lost in the shades of blue with your best friend and come alive with the yellow of the sun, the right address will be Mykonos, this exquisite Greek island!

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5. Milan, Italy

Every city in Italy may be ideal for going to girls, but for friends who are passionate about shopping, Milan has a totally different place! Milan is a true shopping paradise, with options ranging from Via Papiniano Market where you can shop at affordable prices to Via Montenapoleone Street, where world-famous and luxury brands are located.

Of course, not only shopping, delicious Italian flavors, stunning architectural works, and Europe’s most exclusive art museums are waiting to be discovered in Milan! There is no better idea than visiting this charming Italian girl-on-girl!

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