10 Travels to Do Before You Die

From the Venetian canals to Niagara Falls, from sharks to jeep safaris, we have listed popular destinations and must-have touristic activities there. There are places and events in the world that have become classics of travel and the dream of countless people. You can either explore them or discover brand new places from a completely different perspective.

1. Swimming with sharks in the Caribbean

If you watched the movie Jaws as a kid, you may be skeptical about it. But don’t worry, the sharks of the Caribbean reefs remain quite small and likable when you compare them with the great white sharks in South Africa. Of course, if swimming with sharks sounds too scary to show off to your friends, you can try swimming with the hilarious Florida seahorses.

2. Honeymoon in the Maldives

The number of stars and celebrities who prefer the Maldives for their honeymoon is quite high. Of course, you don’t need to be famous to enjoy the Maldives. Remember, you don’t need a 5-star hotel to enjoy this holiday paradise!

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3. Bungee jumping, New Zealand

Queenstown in New Zealand is known as a center for extreme sports activities. Bungee jumping, which is tried at least once by every young tourist who has come to New Zealand, is just an ordinary one of the crazy sports activities in this country… Which others? How does it sound like rafting in crazy waters or falling back over a cliff with a chair?

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4. Riding on the gondola in Venice

A happy couple on the gondola on the canal and the Rialto Bridge in the background is one of the most familiar images of the travel pages. You can even imagine the gondolier saying “O Sole Mio”, Giovanni Capurro’s unforgettable work when you look at the picture carefully for a long time!

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5. Ice skating in New York

There is one more New York classic, along with a proposal in a horse-drawn carriage while strolling through Central Park: ice skating in Central Park. If you are not good enough at ice skating, you will need the help of someone reliable to support you. We simply imply that if you intend to go ice skating in New York, enjoy ice skating with someone you love. Fun is not limited to winter. The runway is used as a pool in summer.

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6. Niagara Falls

You must take a boat tour to see this epic natural wonder of Canada up close! But keep in mind, you will definitely get wet on this crowded boat tour. If you want to see a waterfall in peace and quiet, we recommend the Great Goat Waterfall in Alaska. It is so virgin anyway; you can only go to see it by helicopter.

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7. Talking in the Scottish highlands

Called “Munro-bagging” by the Scots, this sporting activity is based on climbing as many hills as you can up from 282 Scottish mountains, each about 900 meters high. If you want to try a less compelling version of this Scottish habit, it’s called “Marilyn-bagging.” In this version, the mountains are 150 meters high, but considering that there are 1217 hills at this height in Scotland, it is inevitable for you to sweat!

8. Safari in Africa

Keep your cameras ready, don’t miss the lions. Whenever Africa is mentioned, almost everybody thinks about a safari in Kenya with large vehicles covered with cages. Apart from these safaris in Masai Mara where you will see the continent’s big six (lion, elephant, white rhino, leopard, buffalo, and hippopotamus), there are also fewer tourists and more ecological safari tours.

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9. Staying at a 7-star hotel in Dubai

Dubai is undoubtedly the current address of living like sultans. Not here, you will find the Burj Al Arab hotel with exactly 7 stars, not 5. From your arrival to the hotel by seeing the city from above by helicopter to a private and at your disposal butler, from white sands to luxurious restaurants, it is not possible for you not to feel like kings and queens during your stay here.

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10. Watching the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, as it was originally called, is not the most visible natural phenomenon on earth, although it is now very popular on touristic trips. How about water fountains or volcano lights in Florida? With the charm of their less familiarity, they are ready to be discovered for travelers who prefer unconventional routes.

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