7 Tourist Spots That will Wake You up Early on Vacation

Waking up early is the last thing you want to do on vacation. You may be right, but a traveler traveling to new places should be able to get up early to get the most out of the sun’s lights! Because there is so much to see and do in life…

Did you know what happened in the world in those first hours of the morning when everyone was asleep and there were many good things to see? Here are those travel destinations where you can get up early and catch life;

1. Ganges River (Varanasi – India)

Pilgrims coming to the banks of the Ganges River with the first lights of the sun take a bath accompanied by prayers to purify as a religious ritual. In addition, people who lost their relatives toss the ashes of their loved ones to the Ganges River at these times of the day. You can watch these rituals best on the boat tour on the river. But don’t forget to set up your watch at 05.00 to avoid missing these interesting images!

2. Chatuchak Weekend Market (Bangkok – Thailand)

You should definitely see the morning market, which is set up on weekends in Bangkok, which is a very colorful city. You should make a little sacrifice from your sleep in order not to be late for this market where you can find Buddha Statues, Thai iced tea, clothes, souvenirs, and thousands of different products.

3. Balloon Tour (Cappadocia – Turkey)

Turkey is one of the great clocks in Cappadocia 04: 00 during the birth of the sun, we recommend you wake up and be on the bubble. You can be sure that you will not forget the unique taste of welcoming the sun with rainbow-colored balloons throughout your life.

4. Charity Gateway (Luang Prabang – Laos)

Buddhist monks hold parades every morning to meet their daily food needs. This passage to charity by the priests is one of the most iconic images of Laos. The locals of the town fill various bowls, especially rice, in the bowls of these priests in orange clothing. Do not hesitate to get up early to give your charity to these priestly priests and to witness this interesting ceremony.

5. Tsukiji Fish Market (Tokyo – Japan)

Tsukiji Fish Market is one of the largest fish markets in the world. In the first hours of the morning, you can come to this market and witness the sale of tons of fish by auction. In this way, you may also have some knowledge of Japanese cultures.

 6. Safari Tour (Masai Mara – Kenya)

Masai Mara Natural Park is one of the places where wildlife can be best observed. You can witness how the animals entered into a tough struggle for survival with the first lights of the day. Of course, you can withstand these images and you can afford to get up early in the morning!

7. Haleakala Crater (Hawaii – USA)

Haleakala, an extinct volcano. This place is one of the most perfect places to watch the sunrise in the world due to its crater walls. When the sunlight hits the craters, it is the kind that increases the eagerness to experience the unique image that emerges at this time of the morning. It is definitely worth taking a 3000-meter mountain trip just to witness this magnificent view.

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