Top 13 Reasons to Visit New Zealand

If you’re looking for stunning views of the earth’s surface, steaming volcanoes, beautiful beaches, fjords, lush rainforests, glaciers and caves, and even the desert, add New Zealand to your travel plans. Located in the South Pacific Ocean, New Zealand, which has come to the fore with the increasing tourism demand, is located 1,500 kilometers southeast of Australia. New Zealand, which they call Aotearoa, meaning Land of Long White Clouds, is one of the most beautiful island countries in the Pacific Ocean.

1. The Magnificent Sea

The unique coastline of New Zealand, which is mostly undulating, offers an unforgettable natural beauty to its visitors with its wild appearance. In Curio Bay and Porpoise Bay, watching the penguins ashore in the evening promises unique moments.

2. Visit Taumata Hill

Taumata ‘Whakatangihanga koauau o tamatea haumai tawhiti ure haea turi pukaka piki maung horo nuku pokai whenua that tana tahu’ in short, Taumata is the name of a 305-meter-high mountain in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. The name of the mountain, which consists of 105 letters, has entered the Guinnes Book of Records under the name of the longest place. The source of this long name comes from the Maori language. This long name means: a man with a big knee, a climber, a traveling man, a man who plays a flute from his nose to his lover and crosses the land.The mountain, discovered by the Maori explorer Tamatea, was named after him in order to honor him.

3. Great Coromandel Forests

Coromandel Forests are famous for their naturally occurring hiking trails. In addition to the mysterious forest roads that include swim waterfalls and lakes, Coromandel Beaches are famous for their breathtaking views; to enjoy the sea and the sun, water skiing, scuba diving and surfing, such as sports activities. While the thermal springs in the Hanmer region, which is located in the north of the island, are preferred for rest and relaxation, the whale tours in Kaikoura are indispensable for the adrenaline lovers.

4. Extreme Sports

New Zealand, one of the indispensable points of adventure loving tourists, offers excitement to its enthusiasts with its different extreme sports. You can get all the information from the tour offices in the city, and you can easily book excursions and extreme sports. Extreme sports in New Zealand; Rafting, Bungee-jumping, Sky Walk, Canyoning, Parapent, Zorbing and Jet Boating..

5. Desert Safari

The more challenging version of the desert safari with jeeps is one of the activities that many adrenaline lovers want to participate. You can also go to the top of the mountain with the cable car called the gondola, where you can dine in the restaurant and enjoy the wonderful view.

6. Sea Volcanoes

New Zealand also has active volcanoes, such as White Island, where you can reach by boat or fly by helicopter. You can go to the island and get close to the smoking craters. Of course, the admiration for the Volcanoes at the bottom of the earth increases when you see her closely.

7. Town of Oamaru

Oamaru is the largest city in North Otago on New Zealand’s South Island and the main city in the Waitaki Region. Oamaru, the largest city in the Waitaki Region, has a rich history and a proud heritage enriched by passionate and perhaps interesting locals.The town welcomes many guests throughout the year with its antique shops, old historical cars, art galleries and festivals. Oamaru has the country’s oldest public gardens, famous Victorian architecture and two penguin colonies.

8. Caravan Tour

One of the best ways to experience New Zealand is a caravan trip..It is possible to see the unexplored spots of New Zealand along the scenic road and the caravans where you can rent campervan, which you can rent from anywhere in the country. Lake Tekapo and its surrounding glacial lakes in the central part of the southern island, as well as the Queenstown and fjord region Milford Sound, natural beauty, vegetation, mountains and turquoise glacial lakes are worth seeing.

9. Franz Joseph Glacier

Franz Josef Glacier was first discovered in 1865 by the geologist Julius von Haast, who named the Austrian emperor. The glacier is five kilometers from the town of the same name. If you really want to get in touch with the glacier, take a guided ice hike. There’s a range of natural attractions in close proximity to Franz Josef Glacier Village. Lose yourself in the rainforests, waterfalls, and lakes. You will find many places to stay in the city and where you can eat or relax, or explore the wildlife center.

10. The Hobbit Village

The Lord of the Rings and Hobbit fans should definitely see Matamata, a town of 6,000 inhabitants in northern New Zealand.The plateau called Hobbiton, Hobbit houses, the places where unforgettable scenes in the film take place give visitors unforgettable moments. In addition to these charming houses, the famous Green Dragon Pub, the Water Mill, the Double Arch Bridge and the Party Tree are among the beauty of the village.

11. Fiordland National Park

Fiordland National Park, which emerges with the melting of the great glaciers, has a view that fascinates tourists. Located on the southern part of the South Island, this park is the most famous fjord known as Milford Sound. This easy-to-reach route takes you to The Milford Road. Even this road has a beauty to be seen in itself. Doubtful Sound fjord and Dusky Sound fjord are other fjords that should be seen.

12. Milford Walk

The 53.5 km Milford track on the mountainous southern island of New Zealand is considered one of the world’s best hiking trails. A four-day adventure that runs through Te Anau’s rainforest to Mackinnon Pass, where you can take a trip to the country’s highest waterfall (Sutherland Falls). The number of day walkers allowed on this magnificent trail is limited from November to April. Therefore, book in advance.

13. Natural Spas in Rotorua

It can be considered one of the spiritual centers for Maori, who are New Zealand natives. With its volcanic activities, Rotorua is famous for its hot springs, mud ponds and geysers. Many but especially recommended in the town of Rotorua is the Polynesian Spa, where you can take a bath in the natural pools up to 42º and enjoy the spectacular massages overlooking the lake.

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