10 Exotic Destinations for Summer Holidays in Winter

The nights are long and the summer holiday looks away. Did you miss your flip-flops, swimsuits and the feeling of warmth that hit your back? You don’t have to wait for it to come in the summer. It’s time to plan an escape to the sun in winter. Swim in the sea during the winter months and discover these 10 wonderful exotic holiday destinations around the world where you can tan on the beach!

1. Maldives

With its turquoise sea, white beaches and palm trees, the Maldives is a place to soothe the longings of those who are longing for heat. Decorated with tropical islands and coral reefs, this corner of paradise reaches an average temperature of 30 degrees in November. Maldives is a great place to go if you want to surprise your friends by returning from a holiday with a tan skin in the middle of winter.

2. Miami

Miami is one of America’s most popular tourist destinations, where the sun reveals itself for eight to nine hours a day. As for the winter months the beaches are quite bustling, which is a very good option for those who miss Miami holidays. You can take a nap on the white sands, sunbathe or watch the beauties around South Beach, which is the favorite sandy beach of models and celebrities.

3. Havana

This Cuban city is an ideal tourist paradise for holidaymakers who miss the feeling of warmth with their air and people. The temperature in Havana in winter is around 26 degrees. It is a perfect escape route in winter with its vibrant music, colorful geography, beautiful beaches and world famous cigars. Take a walk along the ocean border and walk around the Hand and visit the Cathedral of San Cristóbal.

4. Dubai

Dubai, the tourist face of the United Arab Emirates, where the sun reigns, is at the top of the cities where you will enjoy the sea, the beach and the sun. Even in winter, the weather in Dubai is around 24 degrees. Dubai; It is a destination that blends modern culture with history, adventure and world-class shopping and entertainment. You can go to Dubai without waiting for the summer to wear your flip-flops and shorts that you can’t get enough of in summer.

5. Canary Islands

The sun-bathed Canary Islands are located in North Africa and have their own exotic flavors. Those who want to make more use of the sun’s rays during the year can spend the winter months in the Canary Islands. Canary Islands, holiday, sun, sand, beach is one of the first tourist attractions that come to mind. In order to escape the cold weather in winter, you can have a nice holiday by sunbathing on the wonderful beaches of the Canary Islands in a tropical climate. Hundreds of volcanoes, sand dunes, rich forests and steep hills make these seven Atlantic jewels even more spectacular.

6. Bali

Bali is a great place for those looking for the sun in the sky with its great beaches, waves ideal for surfing and colorful ceremonies. Enjoy the sun on fine white sands, or dip into the coral reefs and World War II shipwrecks and spend the day among tropical creatures. With temperatures above 30 degrees in these months, the sun promises visitors, spectacular restaurants and world-class spa centers throughout the holiday.

7. Goa

During November and February, when the weather is dry, sunny and warm, it is definitely the best time to visit Goa, India’s holiday paradise. Goa’s sandy beach is perfect for relaxing by the sea. The only thing you need to do in Goa is to set up a chair in the beach hut and spend your holidays calmly on the beach reading a book with ice-cold beer.

8. Gambia

Gambia, where you can spend a warm summer holiday in winter, is a wonderful escape point that is both exotic and accessible. You can get into the capital city of Banjul for an intoxicating entry into West Africa, or you can feel the sun’s rays up to your molecules only on the golden sandy beaches surrounded by palm trees.

9. Seychelles

The majestic mountains covered with green velvet rising from the turquoise-sapphire waters sprinkled among the emerald forests; With its huge granite ridges, high cliffs surrounded by fog clouds, houses clinging to the slopes, giant turtles and its unique sea coconut, Seychelles is undoubtedly one of the rarest countries in the Indian Ocean. Because of these features, Seychelles may be the right place for you to make your holiday.

10. Boa Vista

Boa Vista island in Cabo Verde, with temperatures never falling below 24 degrees, is the most frequented place for those looking for the four seasons sun. As an alternative to dozing in the calm bars, you can join the tours organized at midnight to see the Caretta Caretta turtles nesting on the beach.



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