Top 21 Places You Must See Before You Die

At some point in your life, you dream of visiting one of the places where hundreds of tourists go to enjoy this incredible world every day, so I have prepared 21 impressive, varied, and majestic places for you.

1. Machu Picchu (Peru)

Impossible to say much more than what has already been saying and that is that Machu Picchu is one of those places that must be enjoyed at least once in a lifetime. I recommend you get up early and arrive early in the morning, just when they open, to be able to reach the guard’s house at the moment when the first rays of sun begin to break through the mist that accompanies the Inca citadel overnight. Probably that mist is late to disappear, but do not despair, I assure you that what is hidden is an image that you will never forget.

2. Angkor (Cambodia)

Discovered at the end of the 16th century, the capital of the ancient Khmer empire and considered the largest religious structure in the world, Angkor is one of the most incredible places in Asia and also in the world. Despite the many tourists who come daily to tour its temples, feeling at true Indiana Jones moments, you cannot forget (here either) that getting up early is essential to enjoy one of the best sunrises in the world in front of Angkor Wat. Lengthen the day until sunset, at which time the light falls just in front of the temples, it also has a prize and you can live that unique atmosphere that is created in this place at that time of day.

3. Taj Mahal (Agra, India)

No list of the most fascinating places on the planet would be complete without the Taj Mahal, one of the most beautiful buildings in the world and the greatest work ever built for love. Apart from the must-see, don’t forget to go to the opposite bank of the Yamuna River, from where you can contemplate a totally different perspective of the Taj Mahal, especially at sunset, when the sunset lights give the mausoleum an incredibly beautiful appearance.

4. Petra (Jordania)

It’s easy to feel like an explorer in Petra. Passing for the first time to meet the morning’s Siq’i Petra, one of the main wonders of the Treasury, is one of the most fascinating experiences you can have on your travels. After this stop in front of the treasury, I recommend you to visit the Monastery, a place where you can explore after a 45-minute climb.

5. Gran Murulla (China)

The symbol of the country and one of the most famous works of the world. They know that the Great Wall of China is about 6,270 km in length, but the actual length is 8850 km. 6,270 km is just the length of the wall and if you add natural barriers to it, the actual length is 8,850 km.

The Great Wall of China took more than 2,000 years to complete. It was built in the 8th century. The mortar used in the construction of the wall is composed of materials such as soil, stone, plastic, wood, brick, clay, or limestone that can be found in the conditions of that day.

6. Tikal (Guatemala)

Located in the heart of the jungle and considered one of the most important enclaves of the Mayan civilization, Tikal is one of those places that will not leave you indifferent. I advise you to dedicate enough hours to get to know and get closer to the most important structures, especially those of the Grand Plaza, a symbol of Tikal, and also of Guatemala. Although watching the sunrise from Temple V is one of the great recommendations, I advise you not to forget the sunset, another of the most special moments of the day in Tikal, both from Temple V and from Temple II in the Large square.

7. Yellowstone (United States)

The only visit to Yellowstone National Park already justifies any trip to this area of the United States and that is that here I can find half of the geothermal phenomena of the planet, this being one of the hottest volcanic areas on the planet. Although not only Yellowstone lives with geothermal phenomena and it is here that I can also find some of the most beautiful waterfalls, lakes, or rivers in this area of the world.

8. Abu Simbel (Egypt)

Many times overshadowed by the impressive Pyramids of Giza, Abu Simbel is one of the most fascinating places on the planet and also an essential on any trip to Egypt. Whether you arrive by land, air or aboard a cruise ship, the impression of being in front of such a work of human being is one of the moments of the trip that we assure you will not forget.

9. Jamaa el Fna Square (Marrakech, Morocco)

If there is an unmistakable place in Morocco, that is the Jamaa el Fna Square. Heart of Marrakech and the Medina, to arrive here is to get into sensations in the nerve center of the city from where a whole network of streets and passages make up one of the most famous souks in the world.

Do not forget that Jamaa el Fna when night falls undergoes the most absolute transformation, filling up with small stands where people gather to taste the delicious Moroccan cuisine. If you want to have the best views, go up to one of the terraces that surround the square and get a good table. You will not regret it.

10. Ngorongoro Crater (Tanzania)

Considered one of the largest volcanic calderas in the world, the Ngorongoro Crater is also one of the most important places in Tanzania, receiving millions of travelers who come to enjoy the wildest nature in one of the most fascinating environments in the world.

11. Borobudur (Java, Indonesia)

On the island of Java I find the largest Buddhist monument in the world rising majestically among the vegetation, offering us a truly incredible vision of this structure that seems to recreate a mandala, and in which to travel it clockwise, will take us to through a path of enlightenment to the true Nirvana.

12. Via Dolorosa (Jerusalem, Israel)

They say there are places with history and then there is Jerusalem. I can not agree more with this assessment, especially if we think of one of the most incredible areas you can visit in the city: La Vía Dolorosa. Whether you are a believer or not, I assure you that following all the stations that recreate the Via Crucis de Jesús until you reach Calvary is one of the most fascinating experiences in the world.

13. Arashiyama (Kyoto, Japan)

Who has not ever seen the image of this impressive bamboo forest in Japan? I can find it in Kyoto, one of the most famous and impressive cities in the country. Located on the outskirts of the city, I recommend that you spend an afternoon, being able to take advantage of the time of sunset when the lighting makes this bamboo forest a much more fascinating place.

14. Sigiriya (Sri Lanka)

Considered by many as the most important archeological site in Sri Lanka, Sigiriya stands 370 meters above a wide plain, showing us this whim of nature, used for two centuries as a monastery and later as a royal palace, creating one of the most impressive enclaves of the world. Although Sigiriya is considered one of the most famous places in Sri Lanka, do not forget to also make a stop in Dambulla, Polonnaruwa, and Anuradhapura, all located in the famous Cultural Triangle.

15. Sukhothai (Thailand)

If there is a place in Thailand that you cannot miss, that is without a doubt Sukhothai. Located about 500 kilometers from Bangkok, it is a perfect stop if you are traveling the country in the direction of Chiang Mai. The ancient capital of the kingdom of Sukhothai in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries offers us the possibility of entering one of the most impressive archaeological remains in Thailand.

16. Stonehenge (United Kingdom)

If there is a mysterious place in Europe, that is Stonehenge. Considered as one of the most important prehistoric monuments in the world, this impressive stone circle of more than 5000 years, of which we have not yet very clear its function, represents one of the most fascinating places in the world.

17. Easter Island (Chile)

Many travelers dream, Easter Island, located 3600 kilometers off the coast of Chile in the Pacific Ocean, is also one of the most mysterious places in the world. With an ancestral culture, dream beaches, centuries-old traditions, amazing volcanoes, and mysterious figures, symbols of the island, this remote corner of the planet assures us some of the most magical moments of our trips.

18. Waitomo (New Zealand)

These calcareous rock caves, located in New Zealand, would not be what they were if it were not for the incredible and unusual inhabitants of their walls: the larvae of the luminous Arachnocampa insect, a worm that emits a bright light that it uses to trap its prey, leaving us an image of the interior of the caves totally fascinating.

19. Pamukkale (Turkey)

Also called Cotton Castle, many say of this whim of nature that is the eighth wonder of the world. Pamukkale formed over 15,000 years by groundwater that flows over 34 degrees, they formed pools of almost immaculate white, which you will feel like in the clouds.

20. Moraine Lake (Canada)

Located in Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada

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, I find Moraine Lake, one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. And I don’t just say it. You just have to think that your image is one of the most photographed in the country, and it is also reflected on the back of the Canadian 20 dollar bills.

21. Venice (Italy)

Venice is built on 118 islands in northeastern Italy, separated by canals and connected by bridges. The city is situated between the deltas of the Po and Piave rivers in the swamp of the Venetian Lagoon along the coastline.

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