Top 10 Most Visited Countries in the World

The United Nations World Tourism Organization announced the most visited countries in the world.Some countries as well as the population of the country can attract more tourists than the population. Here are the 10 most visited countries in the world ;

1. France

France is the first country that attracts the most tourists in the world. Among the cities of France, Paris is the city with the highest number of tourists. Paris, as well as the southern coast of Nice, Marseille, Lyon and also cities such as Strastbourg and Bordeaux welcomes tourists.

2. USA

After France, the USA attracts the most tourists. The United States is visited by millions of people every year. Here, New York is a very important city both in terms of trade and finance, and then cities like Los Angeles are the focus of attention of tourists and business world.

3. Spain

Spain is also at the top of the list of the most visited countries.Especially historical monuments, cities and Mediterranean beaches that are intertwined with history attract tourists to Spain throughout the year. Tourism is one of the most important incomes of the country. Last year, 68.2 million people visited Spain. Cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Granada and islands such as Ibiza, Mallarco are flocked with tourists throughout the year.

4. People’s Republic of China

China, the world’s most populous country, is also one of the world’s top tourist destinations. 56.9 million people visited China last year, which fascinates those who leave with its temples and natural beauties. It should be reminded that the majority of foreigners who went to China went for business purposes. China, one of the most important producer countries in the world, also organizes many important fairs. The Great Wall of China, the Silk Road, the Temple of Heaven, Land Soldiers and the Summer Palace also host important tourist attractions.

5. Italy

With its architectural structures that shed light on history, Italy is one of the most popular holiday destinations. The capital is Rome, Florence, Naples, Venice, Milan and other historical cities. Italy continues to host nearly 50 million tourists every year as the birthplace of the Renaissance.

6. Turkey

Turkey, always in the most visited countries in the world regarding tourism ranks in the top row. It is a country with a wide tourist scale both in terms of nature and cultural tourism. Turkey with 39.5 million visitors entered among the most visited countries in the world. most tourists coming to Istanbul in Turkey. Istanbul, one of the most beautiful cities in the world with its historical and natural beauties, is followed by Antalya. Especially magnificent hotels from the sun, sea and Turkey’s Antalya city attracts many tourists with its natural beauty.

7. Germany

Germany, one of the largest and richest countries in Europe, hosts millions of tourists with its festivals and fairs. Black Forests and the Alps, Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany are among the top tourist destinations. It is a country that is visited by an average of 35 million people every year.

8. United Kingdom

With its historical buildings, natural beauties, educational opportunities, established schools and trade centers, England is one of the countries that attract the most tourists. The UK is visited by an average of 35 million people each year. London is the most visited place.

9. Mexican

Mexico, one of the oldest civilizations in the South American country, is one of the places to be seen. Mayan ruins in Tulum, tropical forests and Spanish architecture, as well as the coast and the sea are among the important reasons to prefer Mexico.

10. Russia

Moscow Russia, where splendid cities such as St. Petersburg are located, is one of the most attractive countries in the world. 31.3 million people visit Russia every year, Red Square, magnificent religious buildings, St. Petersburg. Cities like Petersbug rank first. Russia’s only handicap is cold and harsh winters.

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