The World’s Most Famous 10 Luxury Hotels


The luxury of luxury: These 10 hotels are at the top of the hospitality world. Well, how many do you know? We’ve listed the world’s most elite hotels for you, from the breathtaking Burj Al Arab in Dubai to the historic Ciragan Kempinski in Istanbul. Which one do you think is the most beautiful?

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1. Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai

Thanks to its striking, powerful architecture and its reputation for luxury, Burj Al Arab is undeniably one of the most famous hotels in the world. With its location like Dubai’s sail to the world, this hotel has a prominent place in the new landscape of the city.

Although the upper limit is five stars as the official classification, the importance that this hotel attaches to luxury, comfort, and luxury is evident from the fact that it is often referred to as “seven stars”. Those staying here will enjoy the peak of pleasure with nine bars and restaurants, a dreamlike Oriental spa, and rooms equipped with everything imaginable. What other hotel is there that can offer a helicopter that can also land on the roof of the hotel, a special butler service, and a golden iPad for check-in?

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2. Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas

With its dazzling huge fountains and the luxury shopping street right in front of the hotel, Bellagio is also not lagging behind in pleasure. It is rightly known as one of the best hotels in Las Vegas. As soon as visitors enter the hotel, they find themselves in an incredibly elegant setting. Those who want to be pampered can book one of the stylish villas and enjoy the private terrace, private pool, and butler service. Of course, we should not forget their spa and sauna. If you don’t have that much budget, don’t worry, all rooms have concierge services.

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3. The Plaza, New York

The Plaza in New York is one of the must-see symbols of the city beyond being a hotel with its location on the world-famous 5th Avenue and its magnificent building. The guests of the hotel are offered everything they could want. With the iPads in all rooms, they can plan everything related to their holidays with a single click (room service, printing flight tickets, concierge, communication, etc.).

The Plaza also houses luxury shops, an elegant spa, and many bars, cafes, and restaurants. On top of that, it even has a “food hall”! But here we come across not the fast-food restaurants that we are used to from shopping centers, but quality food stores and elegant restaurants. In short, a place that will make the gourmets and those who know the taste of their mouth water.

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4. Raffles Hotel, Singapore

In addition to being one of the most famous hotels in the world, Raffles in Singapore is a place that smells of history. Having survived many wars, the Great Depression of the 1930s, and a lot of management changes, this hotel finally got its first magic and glory in 1991 with several renovations and improvements by its new owners.

If you are looking for traditional accommodation in modern Singapore, where you will enjoy that taste and be pampered. Raffles suites offer you a rich, spacious and complete experience. From the limousine service to the hotel’s own historian, you will be greeted with an interesting and pleasant surprise that you wouldn’t expect.

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5. The Ritz Hotel, London

Like The Plaza in New York, The Ritz hotel is a symbol of London and sweeps visitors off with its elegant charm. You will feel like a king, whether you are enjoying by the fireplace in your suite or enjoying delicious meals in the ballroom-themed restaurant. Many stars, many celebrities, even kings and queens choose this hotel. Why don’t you taste this pleasure?

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6. Grand Hyatt Hotel Martinez Cannes, Cannes

We’re moving from real-life kings and queens to kings and queens of the silver curtain. Hotel Martinez welcomes stars on the red carpet every year. Although all rooms offer spaciousness, plenty of sun,s and a stylish, modern design, the real star of the hotel in terms of luxury is the roof suite; It is impossible not to feel like you are at the top of the world with a jacuzzi, sauna, Turkish bath, and a 290 square meter terrace. Being close to Palais des Festival et des Congrès, which hosts the Cannes Film Festival every year, Hotel Martinez becomes a part of the festival.

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7. Victoria Falls Hotel, Zimbabwe

It is not possible for those flying to Victoria Falls to miss the Victoria Falls Hotel. The hotel is like a whole with this natural wonder, with special passes that allow visitors to pass to the waterfalls in minutes. Those staying here can fly over the waterfall by helicopter, go on a romantic cruise at sunset, or enjoy evening tea with the view of the Victoria Falls Bridge.

At the end of a day full of adventure and love, they can retreat to their spacious and elegant suite. How would you like to spend your holiday next to one of nature’s greatest wonders?

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8. Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore

Marina Bay Sands Resort Hotel is the exact opposite of the Raffles Hotel mentioned above. While Raffles is traditional, elegant, and delicate looking, Marina Bay Sands has the most modern, most flamboyant, and largest architecture ever. The hotel, which opened its doors in 2010, has since changed the landscape of Singapore altogether – as if a spacecraft on its high feet had landed there.

This extraordinary building is among the most expensive projects in the world at cost and has everything a modern visitor could want: Skypark at the top of the hotel and one of the world’s most famous infinity pools, 60 restaurants serving all the cuisines of the world, Southeast Asia’s largest light and water show, an Art-Science museum that fascinates even the architecture in itself, an ice skating rink, nightclubs, theaters and finally a shopping center with hundreds of shops, from store to store, on a canal, by boat …

9. Hotel Sacher, Vienna

Hotel Sacher is one of the places that symbolize Vienna as much as the Schönbrunn Palace and the Ferris wheel in the Prater. Still run as a family business, you will find the exquisite Sacher Torte cake, named after the family that founded the hotel, as well as an excellent accommodation experience.

From the restaurants with black and dark red tones to the beautiful rooms worthy of the emperors, the daring and rich design of the hotel is the American President John F. Kennedy and Queen II. Names like Elizabeth admired. If you are tired of visiting Vienna enough, you can take your breath in the spa section of the hotel where chocolate plays an important role.

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10. Ciragan Kempinski, Istanbul

One of the Strait of Istanbul’s Dolmabahce Palace with two crownings the Ciragan Kempinski comes to mind is Turkey’s first luxury hotel. Ciragan Kempinski deserves this title with its infinity pool overlooking the Bosphorus, its spa facilities, restaurants that blend the most precious flavors of Ottoman cuisine with a modern gourmet understanding, luxurious rooms that combine classic design with today, and the hotel staff that reflects the Turkish service concept in the best way.

But the real striking point of the hotel is the suites inside the palace building, with its panoramic view of the Bosphorus, its bathroom decorated with crystal and gold, and its own bath, making it impossible not to feel like a real Ottoman sultan. It should be reminded that the price of this room is among the top 15 most expensive hotels in the world. Of course, you do not have to stay in the sultan’s suite to enjoy this rich experience.

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