Top 10 Cities You Must See in the United States

The United States is one of the largest countries in the world in terms of surface area. This inevitably causes the social and geographical diversity on these lands to be very high and makes the USA one of the luckiest countries in the world in terms of natural beauty. At the same time, the beauties of the USA, which is probably the most developed and strongest country in the world, is not limited to nature and its cities attract many tourists every year. Here are the 10 cities of the USA that must be visited.

1. New York City

Also known as the Big Apple, New York City is a city that every person should be on the list of must-see places. With its world-renowned centers such as Times Square, Rockefeller, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Broadway, New York City is lively 24/7. If you want to get overwhelmed by so much movement and have some breath, there are wonderful parks in the middle of the city.

2. Las Vegas, Nevada

Whether you’re an insatiable gambler or an adventurer looking for some movement; Las Vegas is one of the must-see cities with its great food, quality shopping centers and endless entertainment and movement. You can spend time here in one of the hundreds of casinos, you can kill time by shopping or you can choose to watch Cirque de Soleil shows.

3. Orlando, Florida

Orlando-Florida, where the Magic Kingdom Park named Walt Disney amusement park is located, is a wonderful holiday region. You can also visit other world-famous venues, such as SeaWorld or Universal Studios, in the city where Disney parks abound. In sunny Orlando city, you can have a lot of fun both alone and with your family.

4. New Orleans, Louisiana

From Bourbon Street to the Mississippi River boat tours, New Orleans is one of the cities that guarantees a great time. You can play plenty of golf and shop in the city where you can enjoy creole cuisine. You can also listen to the world’s best jazz performances here in the French Quarter and enjoy the city’s endless nightlife.

5. Los Angeles, California

You must have heard about Los Angeles, California’s most famous city. You can even see the houses of many celebrities that you admire in the city that lays down the long beaches of Venice Beach as well as very famous areas such as Beverly Hills, Hollywood Bowl and Hollywood Boulevard Celebrities Pass.

6. Denver, Colorado

Even though skiing isn’t interesting, there’s a lot you can do all year round in Denver. There are places you can visit in the city from Denver Zoo to Botanical Gardens of the city, from Red Rocks Amphitheater to Coors. But still not to spend time in the snow while coming to this city; Not participating in activities such as skiing, snowboarding, ice skating or sledding.

7. Honolulu, Hawaii

There are so many things to do in Honolulu with its white beaches, surf water and enormous nature. Some of these are to visit the Manoa Falls or take a walk in Diamond Head. After a busy day in Honolulu, the city where the Pearl Harbor National Monument and the USS Missouri Monument are located, you can relax with yoga or massage at sunset.

8. San Antonio, Texas

From Riverwalk to Alamo; For those looking for historic beauty or a lively nightlife, the city of San Antonio is perhaps one of the most ideal places on earth. In addition, thanks to places like San Antonio Zoo, SeaWorld San Antonio and Six Flags San Antonio, the city appeals not only to adults but to children.

9. Hershey, Pennsylvania

In the city where there are places such as the famous Hershey Park and Chocolate World, there is the opportunity to have fun for people of all ages. Of course also for chocolate lovers… This Pennsylvania city, which is famous for Hershey Gardens, also has an Antique Car Museum. There are numerous activities in the city where you can play sports and relax by playing golf.

10. Anchorage, Alaska

There are fun activities for the whole family in the enchanted city of Anchorage. The city, which also hosts the H2Oasis Indoor Waterpark, which is the largest indoor water park in the United States, also has an Alaska Natural History Museum and it is difficult to find a better place in the world to see dinosaur bones. There are also many tours, fairs and festivals in the city.

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