5 Things to Do in San Francisco

San Francisco is perhaps the most famous city in California, one of the largest states in America. This city, which has been the scene of hundreds of Hollywood films, has achieved a special place in the hearts of those who have not yet gone, both with the libertarian history and the image of the American dream it represents. Who would think of the famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco? We have listed 5 activities that you should not return to when you are in this dream city;


One of the largest suspension bridges in the world, Golden Gate has been the most popular bridge in the whole of America, not only in San Francisco, but in 1937, when it was built. Golden Gate, where almost everyone who goes to the city wants to see and photograph first, is one of the most frequently shared photos of America in social media accounts.

This is why Golden Gate is one of the must-see places in San Francisco. The bridge is open to car traffic and can be visited by bicycle or on foot. Even the sunset tours from the city center to Golden Gate are organized because of the magnificent view.


While San Francisco’s world-famous steep and long slopes are the primary cause of spectacular cityscapes due to its aesthetic city design, it was one of the biggest problems of the city when transportation technologies were not developed enough.

Invented by Andrew Hallidie to solve the transportation problem of the city, this roped tramway was able to meet the needs of the period 100%, but today it is only used for 3 routes and only for touristic purposes. Riding on this tram, which is home to one of the city’s most touristic activities, such as the Golden Gate, and taking photos with it are a must for a trip to San Francisco.


Hard to use a phrase like shopping paradise for San Francisco. But we can easily say that it provides a much more authentic shopping experience than the rest of America. As well as in giant American cities like New York, Miami and Las Vegas, it is possible to find world famous chain stores in San Francisco. Union Square is known for hosting original boutiques of famous designers. Union Square is truly a paradise, especially for those who like to dress up in an unusual way.


Famous among the criminals, ler Those who commit crimes go to prison, and those who commit crimes in prison go to Alcatraz  said  is the location of San Francisco’s world-famous Alcatraz Prison. The prison, once known to be the harshest ward rules of America’s most notorious criminals, is one of the most popular places in San Francisco today. The prison, which has served as a museum since 1963, is a very impressive spot with its creepy style and the screaming of prisoners listening to visitors. Due to the high interest in Alcatraz Prison, the reservation must be made online at least a week in advance.


You can’t come to one of America’s most beautiful cities and leave without touching art. The Museum of Modern Art, the second largest art museum in America, is a must-visit for those interested in American art. On each floor of the Museum of Modern Art, which consists of 5 floors, you can visit sculpture, photography and painting exhibitions separately, and you can examine the permanent works of the museum. The terrace on the top floor of the museum promises a spectacular view of San Francisco and a delicious coffee.


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