The 8 Best Activities to Do Naked

Similar to getting drunk and singing at the top of your lungs, being naked is fun! Here are 8 fun activities you can do naked.

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1. Nudist Beach – Samurai Beach, Port Stephens, Australia

For the shy with no previous experience, a trip to the nudist beach is one of the best beginnings to acclimate to a naturist lifestyle. Located in Port Stephens, Australia, the pristine shores of Samurai Beach are considered among the best nudist beach spots in the world.

Located right next to a national park and protected by dense vegetation and sand dunes, all you’ll find are relaxed groups of friends and families who like to feel the South Pacific breeze on their bare skin. If all you want is to sunbathe quietly under the hot rays of the sun without worrying about traces of clothing, let’s point out that the beach is wide enough to accommodate that.

But if you’re looking to get a little more social, you can also wait for the nude carnival in February to join your clothing-obsessed beach buddies or the annual Samurai Beach Picnic combined with the Nudist Olympiad!

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2. Naked Yoga – New York, USA

A new fashion, nude yoga has been practiced by religious people in India for centuries. True to its name, New York’s Bold & Naked yoga studio offers both mixed and gender-segregated nude vinyasa courses that accept and glorify the human body in all its shapes and sizes.

In addition to its goal of promoting a healthy body image, nude yoga classes in a completely sexually neutral environment are also an original criticism of consumerism. Getting rid of the details of daily life that can create discrimination and distance people from each other is seen as an important step for people to feel comfortable in their own bodies.

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3. Nude Cycling Event – London, UK

Nudity sometimes just means stripping off your clothes and worries, but sometimes it’s a manifesto. The best example of this is the World Naked Cycling Event

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, held annually in 70 countries around the world, advocating a stance against car culture and oil addiction, and a more body-friendly society.

Body arts and creative costumes are encouraged at the event, with a dress code of “naked as much as you dare”, and all types of human-powered vehicles are welcome. Get rid of your clothes, get on your bike and join the battle against unnecessary exposure to vehicle emissions!

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4. Naked Golf – Le Porge, France

Just an hour’s drive from Bordeaux, in the picturesque area of Bassin d’Arcachon, the tranquil La Jenny Naturist Resort obliges its members to be nascent when they send them to that green, not to wear lozenge-patterned socks and itchy traditional golf trousers, but rather to be natural-born. It will drive you crazy or make you pretty happy!

There are many sports and activities besides the 9-hectare golf course in this family-friendly “nudity” place, which will place you in cozy wooden chalets in the shade of pine trees, away from prying eyes, where you can dance naked as you please. In short, we can say that this place is a natural paradise.

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5. Nudist Sauna – Helsinki, Finland

An ancient but beautiful tradition, the centuries-old Finnish tradition of saturating with steam in wood-heated saunas is a delightful way to cleanse the pores and soul. A complement to Finnish culture, the sauna has a volatile environment and although it may be hard to believe, holding a business meeting here is as natural as sitting quietly and listening to yourself. Compared to the national average, Finn’s first sauna experience happens when he is just 20 weeks old, and almost one in every two people in Finland goes to the sauna!

In the charismatic and messy Kallio neighborhood in the very center of Helsinki, Arla is a public sauna that has been in operation since 1929 and is as local a delight as can be, this place has a highly engaged audience of all ages. Naturally, no attire is allowed and you can get a professional to rub your back if you stop by on a Thursday.

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6. Naked Cruise – Caribbean

Bare Necessities, a Texas-based company, offers week-long cruises from Florida so you can travel the Caribbean in an ever-popular style. This original floating nudist camp sails to many different destinations, from the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico to the best French islands in the region.

In addition to the wide variety of activities you can engage in while traveling from island to island, such as hiking, canoeing, and snorkeling, “The Big Nude Boat” also stops at its very own private nudist island in the Bahamas!

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7. Nude Sunbathing in the City – Munich, Germany

Nudity in public in Munich, Germany’s third-largest city, is a widely accepted phenomenon that does not cause stares or judgments and is actually a right that was legalized by the state in April 2014.

Before you undress as soon as you get off the plane, keep in mind that this nudity permit is limited to 6 parking spaces in the city. While all of these spaces provide a degree of privacy, they are not hidden or walled places. One of these areas is the Englischer Garten, located in the very center of the city and the largest public park in the city!

If it’s always been your dream to rest your butt on soft green grass in the middle of a lively metropolis, don’t forget to add Munich to your list for your next city getaway.

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8. Nude Run – Roskilde, Denmark

If you enjoy running naked, look no further than Denmark’s famous Roskilde Festival. Featuring legends like Bob Marley, David Bowie, and The Rolling Stones, this popular non-profit music festival with tens of thousands of fans has attracted a large number of nudists since 1999 when the first Nude Run event was held.

In the run organized by Roskilde Festival Radio and held every year on the Saturday of the festival, 30 naked boys and girls line up and run around the campsite without listening to the rain or mud.

The competition can get quite hot as the first male and female competitor to reach the finish line will be awarded trophies with obscene shapes along with many other prizes. So you better prepare for the race in advance!

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