Top 5 Most Romantic Cities in Europe to Make Marriage Proposals

Many couples whose hearts wiggled decided to take their love one step further and took all necessary steps for marriage. So, where are you in this business? If you are one of those who have put the idea of marriage inside the agenda but have not taken the first step yet, perhaps the most romantic cities in Europe can help you with this. Here are 5 romantic cities that will help you get the answer “Yes”;

1. Paris

For Paris, which the world now knows as the city of love, romance is something that should not be strived for. Before you, you can sit in the cafes where world-famous poets and writers spend time, sipping coffee, walking hand in hand along the Seine River, wandering in romantic neighborhoods like Montmartre, looking at the works of street painters, holding your lover’s hand against the Eiffel Tower that shines brightly in the evening between.

2. Florence

Florence, the capital of art and Renaissance, is undoubtedly one of the cities you will not want to leave due to its striking architecture and world-famous artwork. Moreover, what Florence offers you is not limited to these.

The Tuscany region, which hosts breathtaking views of Italy, the best dishes and world-famous wines, contains many magnificent cities, together with Florence. You can bring the emotions you will raise with the unique views of the Tuscany region to the peak in Florence and make your signature to an unforgettable marriage proposal.

3. Edinburgh

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is full of mystery, history and romance. Anyone who has a little interest in Scottish history knows that emotions can easily affect history in this geography. If you have a somewhat adventurous spirit, the historical buildings that create the magical atmosphere of the city and the fun and city life that never runs out can easily guide you. All you have to do in Edinburgh is to leave yourself in the city.

4. London

London, the city of royal and nobility, is one of those cities that can easily influence you no matter where you look. With its historical buildings, its millimeter streets and the lifestyle of London residents, London is a place where the word romance becomes meaningful again. After a romantic dinner at one of the Asian restaurants in Soho, you can whisper the meaning of life to your lover with a Lord Byron string while looking at the London eye from Birmingham Bridge.

5. Prague

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is one of the cutest cities in the world with its magnificent castles, cathedrals and narrow streets that you can’t get enough of walking. In Prague, especially the historical part of the city will open the doors of another century to you. A more specific proposal is to walk hand in hand at the Charles Bridge, the city’s world-famous bridge in the evening.


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