15 Most Beautiful Villages in the World

Fruits plucked from their branches, fresh vegetables consumed in the season, leaves rustling with the wind, a clear air that opens the mind with plenty of oxygen, and animals roaming freely all around…

What else could the poor people of the city, who are overwhelmed by the intensity and pace of life, spend half the day in traffic and only fall asleep in front of the television in the evening, want other than these? As the chaos, noise, and traffic increase in the cities, the villages are becoming more and more attractive holiday destinations.

Living in a village is an impressive experience that can completely change one’s view of life, even for a few months. It is necessary to experience this experience, especially before embarking on working life. Those who can’t do this or can’t find the opportunity to spend time in nature are excited to breathe the village air, even for a few days.

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1. Hallstatt, Austria

It can be said that Hallstatt is an increasingly popular holiday option, especially when it comes to winter tourism. This white paradise in Austria is being rediscovered by more and more people every day. Indeed, Hallstatt is an excellent choice for observing the Christmas festivities, especially during the New Year holidays.

With its location between two mountains, Hallstatt is one of the oldest and most photogenic settlements in Austria. After all, you can’t come across a museum with 7,000-year-old artifacts, a salt lake, a salt mine, and more than one historical church like that anywhere!

This place, which dethroned Vienna in Austrian tourism, is ranked fifth among the most photographed places in the world, according to a magazine’s research. The region, which is a ski paradise in winter, has an atmosphere that adapts to sports such as canoeing and rafting in summer.

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2. Bosa Village, Italy

It is a location that can be considered calm and quiet as it is not flooded with tourists; as well as an island settlement that will transform the fishing town of your dreams into flesh and blood…

Bosa Village is located within the borders of Sardinia Island, which is the largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily. To reach the village, you have to cross the winding roads that take 40-45 kilometers after Alghero. Even if the road quality is bad from time to time, the scenery will come to your rescue.

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3. Simiane La Rotonde, France

France is not just about Paris and the Eiffel Tower. Many of the natural landscapes that we watch with admiration belong to the territory of France, although it is not well known. The best example of this would be the lavender fields in Simiane La Rotonde! Yes, compasses point south of France to watch all shades of purple and yellow sparkle in the sun.

Located in a region called Provence, this quaint village is extremely small. You should not expect an influx of tourists along the way; professional venue operators as well. On the contrary, the village offers only boutique accommodation, local wine tastings at sunset, silence, and scenery.

In France, you can start the day wherever you want; however, Simiane La Rotonde has the most beautiful places you can go to watch the sunset.

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4. Oia, Greece

In a settlement called a village, it is important to find the calmness and serenity that is longed for in city life. The classical Greek village of Oia also offers a leisurely and calm atmosphere befitting its hometown.

You will definitely forget the time in this place on the island of Santorini, which attracts attention with its blue-domed white houses. If you have plans to make new decisions, gather strength before returning to work, or take serious steps in your relationship, just adapt your body rhythm to Oia’s rhythm. Spacious verandas, art boutiques, Greek delicacies, and panoramic views all over the island will blow your mind.

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5. Cua Van, Vietnam

Located in Vietnam, Cua Van definitely deserves its place in the top 20 among the most photogenic villages in the world. Ha Long Bay (Ha Long Bay), where the village is located, is also on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The Gulf is pointed out at the top of the current lists developed as an alternative to the seven wonders of the world.

An unspoiled culture, caves waiting to be discovered in nature, a variety of fresh products from the sea all the time… This village will fascinate you with its unspoiled nature, like every corner of Vietnam

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, which is one of the countries waiting to be discovered on the Asian continent.

The fact that the number of annual visitors to the village has risen to 7 million, proves the interest of people from all over the world in this exotic life. Colorful activities to do in the village include fishing, snorkeling, and rafting.

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6. Juzcar, Spain

Welcome to the Smurfs Village of Spain! The village owes this title to its structures with deep blue walls. Yes, almost without exception, all houses within the borders of Juzcar are blue. It is stated that 4 thousand liters of paint were spent for the village to take its current form and to paint nearly two hundred houses one by one. Although the shooting of the movie Smurfs in 2011 contributed to all this investment, the village continues its life after the movie in blue.

Needless to say, it’s always the child visitors who love it the most, of course. The village, which has suddenly become a tourist attraction, cannot keep up with the influx of tourists from large families, after the old days when it hosted 300 tourists a year.

It is quite possible to buy Smurf costumes from the village or to organize celebrations with the concept of Smurfs in special places here. What can I say, if you’re a good kid, you can see the smurfs, and maybe even add Juzcar to your vacation itinerary.

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7. Reine, Norway

Reine is a village that is indisputably the first among the natural wonders that can be seen in Norway. The northern island community where the village is located is referred to as the Lofoten Islands. In this fishing village, where you must take precautions against the cold, the sea breeze adds to the northern cold. A village is a place where you can watch magnificent Aurora views at certain times of the year.

The landscapes that emerge when the red fishermen’s houses meet the ocean are like something straight out of a postcard. It may even be possible to walk from one village to another within the island.  However, if you have such sporting intentions, make sure to take advantage of the spring and summer months when prices can be more affordable for a trip to Reine.

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8. Cochem, Germany

Cochem Village is definitely one of the most beautiful settlements in Germany, located on the Mosel River. In Germany, you may have visited Berlin or Hamburg, but you may never have been to Cochem before. It is never too late for this settlement, which will impress you with its culture as well as its nature.

Delicacies such as liqueur, wine, and champagne are extremely famous in Cochem. These attract the attention of tourists both with their colorful presentations in giant bottles and because they can be purchased as gifts. Of course, in order not to have problems at the airport on the return trip, it is useful to get information about fluid restriction.

All the details that will add meaning to your photos such as wooden houses, a narrow bazaar, or works from the Middle Ages are available at Cochem. Cochem Castle is one of the must-see places in the village. You can find the opportunity to visit the castle with guided tours between March and November, which is also ideal for tourism. In addition to boat tours from Cochem, alternative destinations such as Trier and Koblenz can be your next stop after a pleasant tour on the river.

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9. Marsaxlokk, Malta

Despite being an island country, Malta manages to include the settlement of Marsaxlokk in the list of the most beautiful villages. This fishing village, located at one end of the island, is the kind that will host dreams of retirement again. There is also Malta’s second-largest marina within the village boundaries.

The lush nature and the mild climate brought by the sheltered location will also accompany your trip. Let us warn you from the beginning that the waters are quite deep in this beautiful village of the Central Mediterranean. You can enjoy the fresh and delicious seafood on the island.

Fishing boats called Luzzus, the fisherman’s market on the shores of the village, and the Parish Church are among the stops you must see and photograph during your trip.

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10. Murren, Switzerland

For Swiss people, paradise is called Murren for short. This is one of the villages in the world where you can be closest to the clouds, the hometown of childhood hero Heidi.

Magnificent panoramic views on the slopes that can be climbed by cable car, plenty of oxygen, and mountain food can be counted as the main accompaniments of the trip. To reach the village, you will need to use the train, as well as the cable car, and here, the panoramic road views will fascinate you. It is worth warning that trains are extremely punctual.

Details such as the diversity of the vegetation, the evergreen nature of the environment, and the bovine animals all over the place attract families with children even more.

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11. Gasadalur Village, Denmark

The Faroe Islands, an autonomous region attached to the Danish borders, are also home to Gasadalur Village. The village has been deemed worthy of the title of “The most beautiful village in the world” by various magazines and newspapers many times.

Gasadalur Village attracts the attention of the whole world as it is an extremely isolated settlement in terms of transportation. Transportation to this island village, located between Scotland and Iceland, is only possible by means of boats or helicopters. The population of the village has also decreased in proportion to this difficulty. According to rumors, the number of people living in Gasadalur in summer and winter does not even reach 20.

Mulafossur Waterfall, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, is in Gasadalur Village with all its mystery and charm. Maybe you should prefer the village built on steep cliffs when you need a little seclusion. It is very possible for the tranquility of the village to inspire artists or host meditative works.

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12. Giethoorn, Netherlands

The Netherlands is a fairy tale country that has been carefully built by human hands. When talking about canals, bridges, and other natural beauties, one cannot take their eye off the environment for a moment. According to some, Giethoorn is the Venice of the North. After the town of Steenwijk, you can reach the village with only a 7-kilometer road trip.

The absence of motor vehicles in the village and the presence of charming village houses are the pluses that must be taken into account. When you come to this fairy tale land, you should definitely visit the museum that exhibits village life from past to present. Reenactments performed in a farmhouse dating from the 1800s are visited annually by almost all tourist groups.

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13. Bibury, England

Bibury is one of the warmest villages owned by the British and is among the most beautiful villages in the world. This is an extremely cute settlement that preserves the spirit of the Middle Ages. In the village, whose history dates back to the 17th century, you can immediately understand this situation from the architecture. Especially for those who enjoy time travel, this place can be an ideal choice.

Trout farms, which are the main livelihoods of the village, can also be visited by tourists. It is also possible to fish and taste delicious seafood. The other delicacies that will tempt you in the village are definitely pastries. Especially when you wake up in the morning, you may have difficulty resisting the smell of freshly baked bread. There are many bakeries and patisseries in the village.

In addition to a journey of taste, you can experience one of the best boutique hotel experiences in Bibury. Each accommodation opportunity is located in a different architecture.

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14. Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia

Sidi Bodu Said, a paradise in blue and white colors, is populated by artists. You can come across this paradise village on a hill overlooking the entire Tunisian Gulf, only 20 kilometers from the capital of Tunisia.

The village, which takes its name from an important religious leader for the country, has attracted famous names from Europe over the years. Cafes; It is positioned on the hill like a terrace or balcony and lays the marina view under its feet. Drinking tea or coffee here can make you forget all the troubles of city life for a while.

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15. Hobbiton, New Zealand

Located in New Zealand, the village is visited with enthusiasm, especially by the curious audience who read the books of the Lord of the Rings series and watch the movies. The fantastic village is one of the addresses that must be taken out of the way when you have traveled to a distant land like New Zealand.

Auckland is a 2-hour drive from Matamata, where the village is located. Renting a car is a valid option to reach the village with magnificent views. The transformation of the village into a giant movie set happened in March 1999. Since then, both those who are interested in architecture and nature and those who enjoy fantasy films have managed to make their way to Hobbiton in New Zealand.

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