The 10 Most Beautiful Beaches You Must Visit in Malta

Malta is an island country. If you have decided to come to Malta and have started to prepare your luggage, you should create a list of places to go. It is necessary to enjoy the historical places, temples, museums, different tastes and nightlife in the sea. All around has a clean sea. In addition to the beaches with large cliffs, known as Malta Rocky Beach, it also has magnificent beaches.

Some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean are in Malta. You can find beaches where no one else is by wandering around the island. You can choose from recommended and popular beaches. These beaches are already Blue Flag beaches. In fact, the cleanliness of seawater on its beaches is even among the cleanest water and beaches in Europe. Malta ranks second in this ranking, after Luxemburg with 98.9%.

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1. Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is undoubtedly one of the most famous beaches in Malta. Blue Lagoon, one of Malta’s best beaches, is one of the must-see places with its sky blue sea, golden sand, and surrounding plants, and even caves. Another important aspect of this beach on Comino Island is that it has been featured in many films.

Being sheltered from the open sea, its white sand and deep blue/glassy water invite everyone. There are two beach areas on the Blue Lagoon beach. Areas outside of the beaches are generally rocky. It’s like a natural terrace for sunbathing or jumping into the water. To reach the Blue Lagoon beach, you must definitely arrive by sea. Ferries and sea taxis are available from Gozo and Malta. Or, you can choose boat tours.

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2. Paradise Bay Beach

Paradise Bay beach is right next to Cirkewwa, in the northern part of Malta. Paradise Bay pale is a natural bay and its rugged appearance of cliffs adds natural beauty. Popular among Malta beaches, Paradise Bay stands out for its crystal-clear water and sandy beach. It is generally among the beaches where young people show a lot of attention, and parties are often held on weekends during the summer months. Part of the beach is very popular with young people for its natural beauty, and the beach is ideal for snorkeling and nightlife lovers.

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3. Golden Bay Beach

Golden Bay beach is one of the two best beaches in the northwest of Malta. It is one of the first beaches to receive the Blue Flag flag in Malta. The beach, which takes its name from its golden sand, manages to impress you with its wonderful sea and is among the most beautiful beaches in Malta. Golden Bay is a beach in Malta that you can easily reach by bus, and there are many service points on the beach where you can meet your every need.

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4. Ghajn Tuffieha Bay

Ghajn Tuffieha beach, which is shown as the most beautiful among Maltese beaches, is definitely one of the places to be seen in Malta. It is very good to have an intact natural structure and also a small service place. It is a popular beach due to its proximity to Golden Bay beach and hotels. Although not as crowded as Golden Bay in summer. Wherever you are in Malta, a beach worth the bus ride …

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5. Mellieha Bay Beach

Mellieha Bay, also known as Ghadira Bay, is one of Malta’s largest and most beautiful and popular beaches located in the northern part of the Island, just outside the town of Mellieha. About 50 meters ankle-deep from the sea, it makes it one of Malta’s most family-friendly beaches in terms of shallow water and easy accessibility.

Mellieha beach, one of the best beaches in the Mediterranean, is a great advantage in terms of being easy to reach. Mellieha Bay is in the north of Malta and is very convenient for transportation. There are endless activities to choose from at Mellieha Bay, such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, canoeing, water skiing, and even an inflatable water platform for kids at sea.

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6. St. George Bay

St. George’s Bay is located in St Julian’s, Malta. St George has become a very popular beach since 2004. It offers you a visual feast with its sea and sand. But we have to say that it is crowded. St. George’s Bay is flooded by tourists during the summer months as it is very close to the entertainment center Paceville and is surrounded by hotels and language schools. Therefore, it is recommended to come to the beach early.

In the summer, St. George Bay is especially popular at night when young people gather to socialize. Compared to the beaches in the northern parts of Malta, St. George Bay does not have the same beautiful natural surroundings but has the advantage of being centrally located to hotels, restaurants, and entertainment.

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7. St. Peter’s Pool

One of the Maltese beaches, St. Peter’s Pool actually looks like a pool rather than a beach. It is in the fishing town of Marsaxlokk, on the east coast of the island of Malta. St. The sea at Peters Pool is crystal clear with gorgeous deep blue and light green colors and offers excellent snorkeling opportunities. The flat rocks around St. Peter’s Pool provide excellent sunbathing areas, and high rocks provide some shade from the strong sun.

There are stairs to access the sea, and more adventurous swimmers have the option to dive from a height of several meters. St. Peter’s Pool is popular with locals, especially those who live in the surrounding villages and tourists looking for a quieter place to spend their day. However, due to its remote location and bad roads leading to it, it rarely gets crowded and you can always find a suitable place for yourself.

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8. Gnejna Bay

Ġnejna Bay is a popular tourist destination located about 1 kilometer from the village of Mġarr on Malta’s west coast. Especially the people of this region generally prefer this beach. The beach surrounding the bay is mostly sandy and the sea is generally shallow.

It is a great advantage that Gnejna beach is a secluded beach and is not very popular with tourists. If you have a little adventurous spirit, this beach will be suitable for you. If you prefer Gnejna beach, one of the Maltese beaches, you can add visiting Castello Zammittello close to the beach to your list.

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9. Ramla Beach

Ramla l-Hamra Bay, meaning Red Beach in Malta, is Gozo’s largest sandy beach with unmatched bright orange-red sand and beautiful blue clear waters. Ramla Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches in Malta, located at the bottom of a valley with unspoiled wild and fertile nature. Especially after the sun starts to set, you can see the red hue of the sands and have a pleasant day.

Ramla Bay is a magnificent meandering bay with rocky cliffs surrounding the beautiful coast and is popular with snorkelers, families, tourists, and locals. If you are visiting Ramla Bay in Gozo and are in the mood for hiking or strolling, visit Calypso Cave located in the cliffs on the western corner of the beach Do not forget to note. You will have a magnificent view of the whole valley from this cave.

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10. San Blas Bay

San Blas Bay is a small, yet very beautiful and tranquil beach set at the end of the beautiful valleys on the northeastern coast of Gozo in the secluded and green countryside. The sand in San Blas Bay has the same reddish-orange color and rocky landscape as Ramla Bay, which makes this beach special and unique.

What makes San Blas Bay less crowded and more peaceful than Ramla Bay is that it is more secluded and the last part of the road down to San Blas Bay is very steep and is closed to traffic. For this reason, visitors must walk down a steep hill to the beach.

San Blas Bay has very clear and beautiful waters and is perfect for snorkeling around the rocks and boulders on the edge of the bay. The sandy beach on San Blas Bay is also perfect for families and picnics in a pristine environment.

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