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What to Know About Geneva

Geneva, the French of Switzerland; It was founded by the Romans in the Rhone Valley against the Germanic tribes in 120 BC and is on the shores of Lake Geneva. He gave his back to the Alps and the Jura Mountains. It is the second most populous city in Switzerland and the largest city in the Suisse Romande region. French is used as the official language.

In addition to French, German, Italian and, to a lesser extent, Romanian languages ​​are used. Although it is small in size, it is a very big city with its accommodation. Therefore, it is one of the world’s favorite cities. It is one of the enormous cities in the world where 4,000 years of history, culture, science and nature meet.


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Places to Visit in Geneva

When the beauty of nature is added to Geneva, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, the city offers a visual feast with its rich architecture and history. With its 4,000-year history, it preserves the history of Geneva as a whole in museums, monuments and architecture.

While traveling to the past in the ancient Old Town of Geneva, you can rest in the parks and gardens when you get tired by visiting many museums in the city. The fact that the headquarters of many international organizations (CERN, World Health Organization, UEFA, FIFA, UN) are here makes Geneva a cultural city worldwide. Geneva is a route where you can experience the combination of culture, history and nature.

After enjoying the city center, Pierre Cathedral, Reform Monument and Reform Museum, English Garden and Flower Clock, Neuve Square, United Nations Building, CERN Laboratory, International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum, Broken Chair Monument, Adriana Museum. You can visit the Natural History Museum, Art and History Museum, Patek Philippe Museum, The Old Town, Rousseau Island.


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Where is Geneva?

Geneva is located in the Rhonae Valley, surrounded by the Jura and the Alpine Mountains, on the shores of Lake Geneva, southwest of Switzerland. Its area covers an area of 15.93 km².

When to Visit Geneva?

Although the climate seems warm and temperate in Geneva, ice storms are seen around the lake with the air coming from the mountains, with winters even cold at night and freezing cold at night. Rain is most common in the autumn months. The weather will be warm and mild from May to September.

How To Get To Geneva?

Geneva Airport is 5 kilometers from the city center. For those who want to go to the city center, there is a walking path to the city center at the airport. Taxi, bus, train and car rental facilities are also available from the airport. You must purchase your free transport ticket without leaving the baggage claim area. You can use this ticket in 80 minutes on train, bus and ferry services. There are car rental companies, hotel reservation companies, tourist information center, bank, exchange offices and post office in the airport area. There is also a telephone booth, free Wi-Fi, automatic camera, computers with internet access, and a photocopier that you can use with a credit card at the airport.

Where to Stay in Geneva?

Geneva, the second highest populated city in Switzerland, is a developed city on the banks of the Geneva River. There are also many museums and galleries that you can see in Geneva, which is one of the most important cities in historical, touristic and diplomatic terms. The headquarters of the World Health Organization is also located in Geneva. During your trip in Geneva, you can visit historical artifacts, shop to the fullest and enjoy delicious food. There are more than 150 hotels in Geneva. After a tiring day in this unique city, you can relax in a nice hotel and enjoy the facilities that the hotels offer you.


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Hotels in Geneva

Geneva, with an excellent view, on the banks of the Geneva River; It is one of the largest and most populous cities in Switzerland. In Geneva, which is very rich both historically and culturally; There are many churches, theaters, monuments, towers from different periods. You should definitely see Jet d’Eau, one of the most remarkable points of Geneva. There are also many activities you can do in the city, where there are many museums and galleries.

Geneva; is a metropolis with high quality of life. That’s why you should choose your hotel meticulously during your trip in Geneva. There are around 150 hotels in Geneva and these hotels cater to different budgets. It is important to book early for your trip, both in terms of price and in finding the hotel you want.

Geneva City Transportation

Geneva is an easily accessible city. There is also a very good transportation system that provides comfortable and fast transportation to every corner of the city. Public transport of Geneva is UNIRESO. You can download the application of UNIRESO to your phone and provide your transportation more easily. There are trams, buses, trains and taxi boats connected to each other. The whole system uses the same ticket. Tickets are taken from ticket machines at the stops.

The most preferred ticket is 3 CHF for 60 minutes. The ticket price for 3 stops of travel or taxi boats is 2 CHF. 1-day card is 10 CHF. You can also buy tickets via SMS. For example, if you send the text “tpg1” from your Swiss line to 788, you will buy 1 hour ticket, the fee is 3 CHF. If you are going to stay in a hotel, dormitory or camp, you can use the public transportation system for free. Don’t forget to get your Geneva Transport Card from the reception.

Geneva Cuisine

The city, which has about 1,000 restaurants, takes the food business very seriously. Chocolate, rösti, fondue and raclette cheese come first among the things you should taste. Afterwards, you can taste fish dishes and salads with lots of sauce. Since it is a city that attracts many tourists, you can find different tastes from the world cuisines here.

Nightlife in Geneva

Geneva night life is as active as daytime. There are many nightclubs and bars. Remember that you will spend a lot of money on night entertainment. Generally, bars are open until 02:00 and night clubs are open until 07:00 in the morning. Although the venues are open every day of the week, squares and clubs are filled with people on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Bars and pubs are a little more convenient around Plainpalais. You can enjoy the view and have fun on the island in the middle of the Rhone River. You can have your dinner, dance and have fun in Brasserie des Halles de l’ile. It is a place preferred by students and tourists. La Barje is another nice place where you can taste ginger beer, where you can enjoy warm evenings.

Geneva’s Fairs and Festivals

Antigel Festival; Usually, the first 2 weeks of February are done. The program of the festival changes every year. It is based on music, dance and entertainment.

For detailed information, you can visit the official website:

Geneva Motor Show; It is the biggest and most important motor fair of the world.

Place: Palexpo Exhibition Center Dates: 8-18 March 2017

For detailed information, you can visit the official website:

International Inventions Exhibition, New Techniques and Products; It is a fair that hosts thousands of new inventions and ideas in the world.

Venue: Palexpo Exhibition CenterDates: March 29 – April 2, 2017 Introduction: 14 CHF (8 CHF for children under 15 and children over 10)

For detailed information, you can visit the official website:

Shopping in Geneva

Although it is a small city with its surface area, it hosts very important shopping brands. It should not be forgotten that most of them are expensive brands. Most shops are open during the day, and some may be closed during a meal break. You can buy most watch brands here if you want, because Geneva and the history of the watches go back to 1600s. You can find the watches of many world famous brands such as Patek Philippe, Rolex, Frank Muller, Bvlgari, Swatch, Omega. This part of shopping appeals to high-income tourists, but even if you don’t, you can go and get lost in hours.

Another famous product you can buy here is the Swiss army knife. Although not as much as the hours, the price of pocket knives is also high. You can take famous Swiss chocolates with you on your way from Geneva outside the clock and pocket knife. One of the most famous chocolate shops is the ”Auer Chocolatier” on Rue de Rive street. Apart from this, you can also choose Coop City, Christian Constant, Arn Chocolatierie and Rohr shops. You can find souvenir shops in this city, where you can buy small gifts for your loved ones. A few of them; Bucherer, Cadhor, Badec SA, Molard Sounevirs. There are music shops for music lovers, antique shops, shops selling cosmetics and care products for women, shops where you can find everything from glasses to clothes.

The Official Language of Geneva

French, German and Italian are used as official languages.

Useful Information for Geneva

  •          Fire Department: 118
  •          Police: 117
  •          Ambulance: 144


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