5 Buildings Inspired by Animals

It would be fun to be in a chicken-shaped building, right? Or seeing a big fish that shines in the middle of the city when viewed from a distance…These buildings, which will surprise and laugh when you see them with their similarities to various animals, were built by architects and sculptors with a fun world of imagination. Even a serious architect like Pritzker award-winning Frank Gehry inject an animalistic motif into the building plan he built and was inspired by animals.

Here are those buildings that have been constructed consciously or unconsciously, causing a pleasant moment to their visitors with their similarities to animals, causing a smile on their faces!

1. Vila Olimpica, Barcelona

The ‘golden fish’, 52 meters long, is one of the best known and most striking views of the Barcelona coast. This gold-colored stainless steel surface shines under the Mediterranean sun and changes its appearance depending on the angle of the sun and the current weather conditions.

It is part of the Olympic village built for the 1992 summer Olympics by the famous architect Frank O. Gehry, who was the creator of many interesting and different architectural structures, such as the dancing house in Prague.The gold-colored steel structure, known as the Catalan Peix, serves as a canopy for the commercial area of Hotel Arts, one of the city’s tallest buildings.

2. Elephant Tower, Bangkok

White elephants in Southeast Asia were considered sacred. Having white elephants in some parts of Thailand is still considered a sign of power today. This expression of respect developed against elephants is reflected in the architectural structure of Thailand. The elephant tower is the clearest indicator of this.

The elephant tower, which is one of the most famous sights of Bangkok, as the name suggests, resembles a mesh.32-storey complex is part of Thailand’s business district. It consists of two office towers and luxury residences.

3. Observation Tower, Windsor

A point of interest in the town of Windsor, Quebec, two hours away from Montreal. The building, in the form of a cow lying down on the ground by the local artist Josée Perreault, was designed as an observation tower. People who are stuck in this interesting building while crossing the roadside stop their cars and do not neglect to take pictures on the back of the cow.

4. Giant Koala, Dadswells Bridge

One of the cutest animals, koalas are a part of Australian culture. The interest in koala, which has an important place for the tourism industry of the country, also shows itself in various structures of the country.

The Giant Koala complex, located in the town of Dadswells Bridge in Victoria city, is a building built to raise awareness of people against Australia’s declining koala population. This building, which contains various souvenirs and informative resources about koalas, was built by the sculptor Ben Van Zetten. This marsupial koala, made of bronze on a steel frame, is 14 meters tall and weighs 12 tons.

5. Church by the Sea, Florida

Located in Madeira Beach, Florida, in America, this lovely building makes people smile. At the top of this chicken-shaped building is a huge cross instead of a hoopoe. Because this is a church. The building, whose nickname is “chicken church”, was built in the 1940s. In fact, the church was not built specifically in chicken form. After their construction was completed, they realized that they accidentally created a building that looked like chicken.

Hundreds of couples coming not only from the town but also from other regions are taking their wedding ceremony here, making their first steps into marriage witty. You can guess that the Easter ceremonies held in the chicken church were quite enjoyable. Sinking the dyed Easter eggs in the chicken should have a very pleasant time for the visitors.


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