12 Great Places to Visit in San Francisco

Today, San Francisco is an international financial, transportation and cultural center. The city is a popular tourist center with its modern and Victorian Architecture, including summer fog, steep rocks, interesting tram system, Chinese neighborhoods and Golden Gate Bridge.

1. Golden Gate Bridge

No one knows the famous landmark of the state of California and San Francisco. Golden Gate Bridge is the most photographed bridge in the world. Hawk Hill, one of the best spots for those who want to take pictures, is one of the points where the most beautiful view is captured.

2. Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Penitentiary, which is located on the Alcatraz Island off the coast of San Francisco, is one of America’s most famous prisons. The prison, which was held open for nearly 30 years, was closed in 1963. It was opened to visitors in 1973 for tourist visits. While the famous prison was open, it also hosted famous prisoners; These include Al Capone and the famous Alcatraz Birdman that caused it to close.

3. Historical Trams

These trams, which started to serve in 1873, provide access to the hilly and high parts of the city and provide tourists with the opportunity to travel throughout the city.

4. Fisherman Wharf

One of the most popular tourist destinations in San Francisco, the Fishing Pier is famous for its historical structure, restaurants, shops and beachfront locations known as “Little Italy of San Francisco”.

5. Golden Gate Park

This park, which has a wonderful green area in the heart of San Francisco, is often referred to as “the heart of the city”. In addition to more than five thousand varieties of plants, there are also three museums, cycle paths, Japanese tea garden, botanical garden and much more. Bicycles can be rented for a full tour of the park.

6. Palace of Fine Arts

The Palace of Fine Arts is one of the last ancient historic sites to remain in San Francisco after the Panama Pacific attack. The palace has been restored to its original shape. It has the capacity to host nearly a thousand government officials.

7. Ghirardelli Square

This square, where the old factories were established, now houses many shops, restaurants and cafes. The red Ghirardelli building, the old chocolate factory, is completely transformed for shoppers, art lovers and food explorers.

8. Chinatown

You may have visited Chinatown in other cities. However, San Francisco Chinatown is another place too. It is the largest in China outside of Chinatown and the oldest in North America. Although it was completely destroyed in the earthquake in 1906, it was rebuilt in a short time.

9. Union Square

This square, which lies south of Market Street and north of Chinatown, is a frequent destination for many tourists. The surrounding shops and restaurants also make it a separate attraction.

10. Lombard Street

It is the most marginal and most unique way of San Francisco. This hill, which has a hill, does not go up and down. There will be those who remember this way from the Midtown Madness game, you may want to drive this road up and down.

11. Painted Ladies

There were so many of these houses that started in the mid 1800s, unfortunately many of them were destroyed in the earthquake. But those who still remain to this day make a unique contribution to the beauty of San Francisco.

12. Silicon Valley

If you want to see the campuses of these big companies that hold and develop technology like Microsoft, Google, IBM, Apple, you can visit them all in Silicon Valley.


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