Top 7 Things to Do in St.Petersburg

St Petersburg, Russia’s second largest city, the leading industrial and cultural center, was named after one of the most important czars, Petro. Although the name was changed to Leningrad during the Soviet Union, it continued to use its old name after the accumulation collapsed.

Although St.Petersburg is in the north, the temperature reaches 30 degrees Celsius in the summer, and the winters are very cold. The longest days between June and July are called white nights. During this period, the sun does not set for about 2 weeks. Especially this period is the period that the city welcomes most tourists.


Kazan Cathedral, which is connected to the Russian Orthodox Church, was built between 1801 and 1811, and it was one of the highest domes of its time with its 80-meter dome. If you are interested in the holy places, I strongly recommend you to visit it.


St. The boat tour in St. Petersburg does not resemble canal tours in other European cities because it travels mainly between the islands on the Neva River and passes through the few canals in the city. Since the Neva River is also quite a wide river, you can feel as if you are doing a Bosphorus tour. Apart from this, there are boat tours which last for about 2 hours until the night gets dark especially during the white nights during the summer months.


The Hermitage is one of Russia’s largest museums. The museum, which has over 3 million works, consists of 5 buildings. It is made in Baroque style and I would recommend you to see the last part of the Winter Palace.Completed in 1762, the Winter Palace’s facade overlooking the Neva River is 2 km long and has 1054 rooms and 2000 windows.


This is the highest cathedral in the Orthodox world. The area of the cathedral is approximately 4,000 square meters and the height is 101.5 meters. The Isaac Cathedral is one of the five largest domes in the world. It is a very magnificent building with a gold-plated dome. Here you need to buy separate tickets both to visit the cathedral and to climb the tower.


There is a huge Palace Square in front of the Hermitage Museum. The Alexander Column in the center of the square is the largest monolithic column in the world. The 47.5 meters high and 700 tons column was erected to commemorate the victory against Napoleon in 1812. Dvortsovaya Square, also called Hermitage Square, is considered the biggest and most important square of the city. It’s a really impressive width and a fun challenge. there are lots of activities to do here. You can stroll with horse-drawn carriages, watch the street performers in the square and watch the light and sound shows projected on the Hermitage Museum building in the evening.


St. The Church of the Spilled Blood, one of St. Petersburg’s main attractions, is truly eye-catching with its architecture reminiscent of the buildings on the Red Square in Moscow. Entering the church on the edge of the Griboedov Canal is paid, although it is not as glamorous as the exterior of the building, it should be on your list as a must-see.


The fortress, located on the island of Neva on its own island, was used as a prison during the Russian revolution of the 1900s. The castle, which also houses the church of Peter and Paul in the middle, welcomes thousands of tourists a day. It is free to enter the castle and the church, but you have to pay a fee to climb the tower. Then you can start climbing the stairs patiently.

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