5 Things You Must Do During a Tour of Great Britain

The most visible of the British islands; is the island of Great Britain, including England, Scotland, and Wales. If you’re up to Great Britain Island, one of the most aesthetic and most spectacular geographies in the world, you’re ready to learn five things to do. Let’s start;

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1. Touch The British History

If you’ve felt enough of London’s metropolitan fabric

, the next step is to look at a little history and therefore behind the scenes. Oxford is the ideal place to start, 1.5 hours from London. In Oxford, you can think of it as the library of British civilization. The magnificent university buildings and magnificent nature, living examples of Baroque and Gothic architecture, await you in Oxford. Immediately after you have felt enough on the Harry Potter set, you can see Windsor Castle, the oldest castle in the world.

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2. Discover The Scotland Culture

Scotland is the most unique geography of Great Britain with its world-famous drinks, famous castles around the world, kilts that symbolize heroism, at first sight, heroic wipes of ears, and many more details that will not end. On the Scottish foot of the Great Britain tour, all you need to do is to attend the Scottish Night, the most practical method of touching this culture, visit the production workshops to taste the world-famous Scottish spirits, and discover the Rossly Chapel and Edinburgh Castle, where the traveler never returns.

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3. Visit London’s Historical Beauty

Complete everything you need to do during your day or days in London, one of the most visited cities in the world. Taking photos in front of Big Ben and London Bridge, shopping at the famous Harrods Store, visiting  Madame Tussauds Museum, and getting into the fast nightlife of the city are the most important things to do.

4. Discover Britania’s Natural Beauty

In addition to its history, grandeur, bustling urban life, and magnificent culture, another detail that is just as important is the exquisite nature of Great Britain. The most enjoyable and effective way to touch this magnificent beauty is to take a small boat tour in Windermere.

5. Feel The Soccer Spirit At Manchester

The famous British city of Manchester is also a part of the Great Britain tour. Manchester United, the world’s hottest football team, do not forget to see the stadium. Remember that the football spirit that dominates the city is also reflected in the social life and spend time in the cafes owned by the fan groups.

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