5 Mysterious Castle of Germany

Undoubtedly, Germany is one of the countries where the medieval atmosphere is felt most. In addition to the giant churches and cathedrals in Baroque and Gothic architecture, the majestic castles that make their visitors feel in the mysterious world of the Middle Ages are the most important elements of this Medieval ambiance.

Germany is the richest country in terms of both number and aesthetics in terms of castles used in the past. Therefore, these castles are the most important touristic buildings of the city where it is located. Here are 5 mysterious castles of Germany;

1. Wartburg Castle

Wartburg Castle, located in the east of Germany, close to the town of Eisenach, is a medieval castle with its magnificent view and magnificent architecture. The castle, which has a magnificent forest view, has a height of 410 meters. The castle was taken under protection by UNESCO in 1999 as “an extraordinary monument reflecting the Feudal period in Central Europe”.

2. Eltz Castle

The Eltz Castle, located on the banks of the Moselle river in Germany, is also one of the most famous works of the Middle Ages. The castle, which was built by the Rübenach and Rodendorf families, still belongs to these families today.

At that time, it is said that 100 members of the family stayed in 100 rooms in the castle. The Castle is so important to the Germans that the photograph of this castle was printed on the Mark, the currency before the Euro.

3. Hohenzollern Castle

It is one of the most magnificent castles in the world for Hohenzollern Castle. Hohenzollern Castle, which fulfills all the requirements of being a castle not only with its magnificent architecture but also due to its location, is located at the top of an 855-meter mountain. The castle, which cannot be seen from below due to the clouds created by the hot water sources around it, seems to be disconnected from the earth.

4. Neuschwanstein Castle

King of Bavaria II, also known as the Fairy Tale King. Although the legendary castle built by Ludvig was started in 1869, it could only be finished in 1891. The castle, located near Hohenschwangau near Füssen, is located on a hill overlooking the region.

The castle, built in the Neo-Romantic style, is one of the most important steps of the route known as the romantic road between Würzburg and Füssen. With this aspect, it is possible to say that Germany is the most popular tourist castle.

5. Cochem Castle

The history of Cochem Castle, located on a hill on the banks of the Moselle River, dates back to the 1100s. The castle, which was destroyed many times in the historical process and remained in need of care for many years, was even used as a student dormitory.

The castle, which gained its present appearance in the 1700s, is known as one of the most popular tourist castles in Germany with its restoration that it passed 100 years ago. The castle has a majestic appearance at a high point like the Hohenzollern Castle.


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