What to Know About Vancouver


Vancouver is a city in the north of Canada. Vancouver, the third largest city in Canada, is located close to the Pacific Ocean. Selected among the best cities to live in, Vancouver impresses with its unique beauty. The population of the city, where many different ethnic groups live, is 2,600,000.

The history of the city of Vancouver dates back to about 6,000 years ago. It is known that a captain named George Vancouver came to the city, which was of great importance for shipping, in 1792 and for this reason the city was named after him. The city faced a great fire hazard in the 19th century. Despite this, the mountains and woodlands behind the British Columbia University in the city have been saved and have survived until today. The city, where the first train network was built in 1892, is estimated to have a population of around 20,000 during this period. It was recorded that this number reached 100,000 after 18 years. This city, whose population is increasing every year, is among the most cosmopolitan regions of Canada.

Vancouver has become one of the most important cities in the film industry of North America after Hollywood and New York. Vancouver also hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics, the 2006 United Nations World Urbanism Forum, and the 2007 FIFA World U-20 Championship. Vancouver is best known for its natural beauty, mountain sports, ocean windsurfing and golf courses. Vancouver is one of the top places to go for adventure lovers.

Vancouver is generally divided into 3 regions. These regions are; west side, east side and city center. Each of these regions has its own attractive features. The city center is mostly an area where features such as finance, shopping, entertainment and sights are concentrated. There is also the option to accommodate all kinds of budgets, restaurants and city tours in the city center. Places where you can have a good time in the city center are Stanley Park and the West End, Gastown-Chinatown and Yaletown False Creek.

There are also areas where you can go on many trips and activities in the regions outside the city. Kitsilano & Granville Island, famous for its beaches and shopping areas, UBC Point Gray, famous for its museums and bars, Mt Pleasant-South Main, famous for its parks and gardens, and Commercial Drive-HastingsPark, famous for its ethnic restaurants and boutique shops.Vancouver has become a world-famous brand not only with its natural beauty, but also with its educational quality. Every year, many students come to Vancouver from many countries of the world. The right to work part-time for students is one of the main reasons students choose this city. Besides students, Vancouver is also home to a significant number of tourists.

There is an important port in Vancouver. The large port in a mountainous nose separates Stanley Park from the city center. The port is one of the rare ports in the world ranking. Every year, a significant amount of imports and exports are realized thanks to this large port. You can see the unique beauty of the city by coming to this port. In addition, those who wish can take the chance to watch the city from the mountain skirts by going to Grouse Mountain by cable car.

You can also watch the unique depth and beauty of the city over the Lions Gate Bridge with the sunset. Also, our suggestion for adventure lovers is to walk over the suspension bridge, which is built 80 meters above the waters of Capilano Canyon. Providing a quite breathtaking experience, Vancouver will give you an unforgettable holiday experience. Vancouver people have a very warm and friendly structure. Therefore, when you go to the city, you will not have any difficulties in this regard. Also, being away from the traffic problem of the city is one of the factors that will help you enjoy your trip to the fullest.

The list of what to do in Vancouver does not follow. The city offers different surprises to its visitors with every moment. Located in the city center, the 40-storey Harbor Center offers you the view of Mount Baker, which is located beyond the American border, with its observation terrace. This image, which you will watch with binoculars, gives you the feeling of taking you to remote areas. Vancouver, where you can catch every shade of blue, brown and green in the city, will give you a peaceful holiday.

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