10 Reasons Why Russian Women Are Beautiful


The subject is always up-to-date and interesting: the legendary beauty of Russian women… Many theses, including scientific explanations, have been and are being made on this subject.

According to Russian women, beauty is just knowing how to show yourself. But for them, the image is not always the most important thing. Real beauty consists of a combination of naturalness and health. Here are 7 reasons why Russian women are beautiful;

1. In the historical process, the balance between men and women has changed against men due to wars, harsh winter conditions, and drinking. Especially in the Second World War, there was a serious male population loss. It can be argued that this situation forces women to look more beautiful and well-groomed in search of marriage and finding a good man.

2. Culturally, a single or unmarried woman is not welcome. Again, this situation may have influenced Russian women to pay attention to their beauty and care.

3. Historically and traditionally, women have lagged behind in terms of money and wealth, for reasons such as the mission of being a wife and mother, and the fact that wealth and occupation belong to more men. This situation may also have had an effect on looking beautiful and well-groomed.

4. Soft and well-combed hair: Hair is one of the most important elements of female beauty in Russia. It is important to take care of your hair and have shiny and healthy hair at the end of the day.

5. The beauty of Russian women has also been in question due to genetics and climatic conditions. The yellowness of the hair, the whiteness of the skin, and the color seen in the eyes have occurred genetically over thousands of years due to the cold climate and very little sun exposure. It is also stated that in cold climates, the nose can shrink to reduce heat loss.

6. Another result of the cold climate is that women’s skin beauty increases more due to the subcutaneous fat layer and tightening of the skin.

7. High-heeled shoes, accessories, bags, tight legs, smooth clothes cleaned with a lint roller are among the things that Russian women pay attention to for their images.

8. It can be argued that another reason is that beauty gives birth to beauty. In other words, the fact that there are many beautiful women around, and therefore rivals, may have forced women to be careful about care and appearance.

9. Women worked more and became active due to the harsh climatic conditions and the decrease in the male population over time. In addition

, there are traditionally natural diets. This may have prevented women from gaining excess weight.

10. Also, Russian women make something they buy cheaply look more expensive and more affordable with small modifications they make at the tailors.


Note: The arguments raised are not based on any scientific evidence or publication. This article is included because the subject is curious.

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