7 Smartphone Apps to Make Your Trip Easier

Nowadays, smart phones provide us with many help to make life easier. Especially with some applications, we can now easily handle difficult situations. Here are applications that will provide you with great convenience during your holiday:


Imagine an application that tells you whether you need an umbrella in the area to travel, or whether you should buy a cardigan. It even reminds you of your sunglasses according to the sun condition. Detecting the location of your destination, the application that makes climate analysis gives you a warning according to the situation.


Can’t you decide what clothes to buy on holiday? You leave the clothes you need to buy and leave what’s really necessary at home? Here is Packing Pro, an app for you. The application takes into account a number of factors such as the length of the journey and the location of the destination, and creates a list. For example, if you are going to a place with a warm climate, you should buy short-sleeved clothes instead of long-sleeved and thick clothes.


Very useful app for those who have difficulty reading the map. It provides you with the shortest and easiest transportation to your destination. It also allows you to reach your destination and shows you the nearest metro stations. You can also access some of these maps offline. This allows you to pre-download a map of your destination before traveling.


When you travel to places you have never been before you want to have beautiful photos taken from those places. Here is a photo application for you. With Lensical you can smooth the roughness of your photos. You can apply even filters and make facial contours. Rejuvenation, aging, hair, arid and nose size adjustment tools are also available as well.


It’s too far to travel. With Jetlag due to the difference in time, you will have to fight a slight depression, insomnia and weakness throughout the trip. JetLag Rooster is an app that will save you from this situation. In order to avoid insomnia, it creates a plan according to the time of the country where you live and the time of your destination.


A small diary that you can carry in your pocket. LiveTrekker records the routes you travel while traveling. This way, you can examine your route and see how fast you go. You can also share it with social media.


Different currencies are used in the countries visited. XE Currency is a nice app to keep up with it. It converts your currency into the exchange rate on a daily basis. It can calculate the value of the expenditures according to the desired unit.

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