5 Useful Apps to Avoid Getting Bored on Long Journeys

If you are going on a long journey, it is very possible that you will get bored during the journey. Although refreshments and entertainment services make your trip enjoyable during this trip, they may not be enough to keep you busy after a while.

With some mobile applications, an internet life is possible without the internet. I have prepared applications for you that can make your journey much more enjoyable and efficient with a few applications that you can install on your phone.

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1. Pocket

Thanks to Pocket, you can use the internet without the internet. This application allows you to download the pages of websites to your phone before your flight and browse them without a connection.

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2. TED Talks

It is an application where you can access TED talks and podcasts and deliver 451 topics to users with subtitles in many languages. It is one of the mobile applications that those who are fond of TED talks will enjoy. You can listen to the speeches of many famous names at the TED event and have the opportunity to discover new thoughts during the journey.

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3. Pages App

The best time to put your ideas into practice! There are very few things to distract you on your trips. That’s why journeys provide a nice environment to focus your ideas on a subject and make the right decisions while laying the foundation for a very good design concept. By downloading the Pages application

, you can create a CV, letter, report, article, project proposal, envelope, business card, flyer, etc. You can prepare.

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4. Gmail

With Gmail, you can check your e-mails without the internet! If you received an e-mail before starting the journey and could not reply, you can check your e-mails with the Gmail program. In this way, you will not be able to examine it in detail and waste your time.

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5. Podcast & Radio Addict

From audiobooks to investment advice, you can listen to educational podcasts! You can find and download many podcasts on the topics you are curious about and want to learn. You can listen to podcasts where you can learn simple words in the native language of the country you are visiting.

In addition, you can listen to many books instead of reading, your eyes will not get tired during the journey and you will easily learn the things you wonder about.

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