Top 5 Great Beach Towns in the World

People who are overwhelmed by the noise of the city, the weight of living conditions and the stress of business life prefer to live in towns away from the quieter city. We brought together 5 coastal towns, where you can leave everything and everyone behind and settle in.

1. Fairhope – Alabama

Along the glowing Gulf of Mexico, this gem in Mobile Bay features a sweet little town center complete with a seaside park, a couple of beautiful beaches and a fishing pier. Fairhope is famous for its “jubilee”, a natural phenomenon that occurs on the coasts where flounder, crabs and shrimps gather at high intensity along the shallow bay. Visitors to Fairhope are blessed with exceptional shopping, dining, nature preserves, and there’s also plenty of beautiful beaches to enjoy.

2. Santorini – Greece

As a result of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes that took place before Christ, the town of Santorini, the natural wonder, has emerged. It is possible to encounter all kinds of colors in this town built on volcano rocks.

This is a perfect town that will make you want to leave everything behind with its extraordinarily beautiful white houses decorated with bougainvilleas, breathtaking sunset views, red-white-black painted beaches and turquoise blue sea.

3. Kvarner Bay – Croatia

Kvarner is one of Croatia’s best-kept secrets. This secret is protected by the mountains rising around it. With its crystal clear waters, narrow streets, peaceful silence, and holly bushes, it is a perfect option for holidaymakers overwhelmed by the city’s crowd.

This quiet and calm town is a center of attraction not only for tourists but also for dolphins. It is a small town where you will want to settle and live after your retirement.

4. Portofino – Italy

Located in Genoa, Italy, Portofino is one of the most perfect and photogenic fishing ports of the Mediterranean. It is also known as Portus Delfini (Dolphin Harbor) because it is one of the places frequented not only by tourists but also by dolphins.

This is a small, charming town with magnificent beauty, with the Santa Margherita monastery, Castello Brown castle, chestnut and palm trees, and beautiful yachts in the harbor.

5. Marsaxlokk – Malta

Marsaxlokk is the largest bay in Malta, the island of knights and exiles. Marsaxlokk is famous for its colorful fishing boats that swing over the waters. A local fish market is set up in the town on Sunday mornings. This is a market where not only fish stalls but various ornaments and souvenirs such as knight knick-knacks and jewelry are exhibited.

Maybe you will not leave this fishing town that will reveal the spirit of the knight in you again and you will want to be the old fisherman of the town by running after your freedom.

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