Montreal Festivals

Montreal is a true art and culture paradise. More than one festival is organized in the city every month and people from all over the world participate in these festivals. Among the most important festivals in Montreal are the International Jazz Festival, the World Film Festival, the Beer Festival and the Fireworks Festival, which creates a visual feast. During the Jazz Festival, the stage is set up and concerts are held in 50 different parts of the city. Also, during the Formula 1 Grand Prix, which is usually held in May and June, the city is very active.

Important Festivals;

  • IglooFest: January 16 – February 8
  • Barbegazi Festival: February 14-15
  • Montreal en Lumiere: February 19-March 1.
  • Montreal Turkish Film Festival: May 8 – May 14
  • Montreal International Jazz Festival: 26 June – 5 July
  • International Percussion Instruments Festival: July 3 – July 12
  • Caribbean Festival: July 4
  • Osheaga Music Festival: July 31 – August 2
  • Tango Festival: August 5 – August 10
  • Montreal World Film Festival: August 27 – September 7

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