The Most Beautiful Types of Dance in the World

2. Tango

Tango is a dance and music genre originating from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Montevideo, Uruguay. With Tango, people have the chance to listen to what belongs to the other person while reflecting on their own emphasis, own voice, and own rhythm. Tango is an excellent language and provides unmatched communication to anyone who learns it, with an endless array of options.

Tango is a dance created spontaneously and by the performer. Most of the time, it can be called a metaphorical expression of life. Tango is so natural that it is sometimes seen as a form of opposition to reality or a form of self-realization. Tango contains delirium, sadness, individuality, power, passion, love, unity, joy, sharing, and tolerance, that is, many things about life.

Tango is the rebellion of today’s people, who have been imprisoned in the big city life that leaves no room for differences, choices, and possibilities, alienated from itself, even from its most basic, most established role and sexual identity. So tango is the dance of everyone, not those who have the ability to dance. Tango is the dance of the doer, not the watcher.

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