When to Visit the Amazing City of Vancouver

Although the Vancouver climate is known to be cold, its hot days are quite high. When we look at the Vancouver climate, it is possible to say that there is a temperate climate in the region. Palm trees grow in most regions, except in the Canadian city of Victoria. This shows how much the effect of temperature is actually.

The average highest temperature is 25 degrees Celsius, the lowest temperature is 1 degrees Celsius. In the city, where a very cold climate is observed during the winter months, the summer months are quite hot and cool. A cold and freezing climate is generally observed in the settlements in the mountainous areas. The city, which comes alive with the arrival of summer, is often under the influence of a cloudy weather at first. However, a very hot period passes in July and August.

Summer months do not have an overwhelming effect in Vancouver. Air temperatures, which usually run around 24 – 25 degrees Celsius, help you enjoy your trip to the fullest without getting too bored. Vancouver climate is generally known to have an undefined climate because unexpected weather changes in every season also reduce the likelihood of predicting weather.

Apart from the summer months, Vancouver receives a great deal of precipitation. Spring periods, when extremely heavy rains occur, also require careful attention for those who will be traveling during this period. Vancouver climate is generally very similar to the climate of southern England and Seattle regions. We recommend that you prepare according to the period you will go and have an umbrella with you for excessive rainfall.

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