The Most Beautiful Types of Dance in the World

5. Rock ‘n’ Roll Dance

Rock’s Roll dance is a type of dance performed in accordance with the meaning of ‘rock and roll’. This dance, along with the music called Rock and Roll, was the most popular type of dance among young people in the 1950s. The most familiar move of the dance is when the man throws the woman into the air and then catches them again. The dance uses acrobatic movements. Today, it has become a competition dance performed mostly for show.

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6. Samba

Samba music and dance spread from Brazil to the world. It has its roots in African slaves. Its form, performed by Brazilians, is much more difficult than regular and highly formalized ballroom dancing. Men and women dance differently and together, but without touching. Women’s dance can be described as rapid, symmetrical foot movements, with each foot turning on the heel.

Along with these foot movements, a dance that moves the whole body is created by curling the hips and shoulders. Men take the same steps but are not accompanied by rapid hip and shoulder movements. The men dance around the women. Samba has unique rhythm music with strong drum rhythms, brought to life by Brazilian musical instruments such as tamborim, chocalho, reco-reco, and cabana.

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