What to Know About Montreal

Montreal, Canada’s largest city after Toronto, hosts more than half the population of Quebec. It is also known as the most “European” city in North America.Just like all other parts of Canada, Montreal, which is located in a very wet and green area, has a very modern and stylish appearance due to its urbanization during the Industrial Revolution. The city, dominated by French architecture, also has the UNESCO City of Design award, which has been awarded to only 11 cities. At the same time, Montreal is a city where natural life and city life are intertwined and the environment is very well protected.

According to the census made in 2011, it has been revealed that its population is around 3.800.000. The city was established on an area of ​​43 thousand km2. It is an important port city because it connects the Atlantic Ocean and the Great Lakes. It has also made its name known to the world with its cultural and artistic events.

The fact that it hosts 4 universities together with McGill University, which is considered one of the best universities in the world, ensures that the city has a very young population. The people of Montreal are very friendly and helpful.The Montreal name emerged when a French sailor named Jaques Cartier named Mont-Royal, which means the royal mountain on the hill he climbs on. The name of the hill has become the name of the city after a while.

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