The Most Beautiful Types of Dance in the World

15. Ballet Dance

Ballet can be defined as a theatrical performance in which dance, mimic, music, and decorative arts are combined at an advanced standard. The dance used as the main element is actually derived from the Italian word ‘ballo’ or ‘balletto’ meaning dance. Ballet, the brightest of the visual arts, is a magical world that adorns the dreams of little girls.

Ballet education is a disciplined, self-sacrificing, long process that lays the foundations for the development of perception, and is as colorful and enjoyable as possible. The instrument in ballet education is the ‘body’. For this reason, the harms of prescriptive and ostentatious education given without considering the anatomical structure of the child last a lifetime and most importantly, affect the intellectual and intellectual dimension of ballet and move away from its main purpose.

Finally, it should be noted that; No matter how long and difficult its education and process, ballet is an imaginary expression of emotions, aesthetics, and passions.

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