What is Jet Lag Rooster and How It Goes

I hear that they are jet lag in holiday stories that I listen to from my friends, who often fly to distant countries, and unfortunately they have spent a few days of their holiday problematic. Because I know this, I take certain precautions before every trip. In this article, I will tell you what you need to know about jetlag and the precautions that can be taken.

First, let’s start with the definition of jet lagin: Jet lag is a situation that occurs during long-term flight travels, caused by the inability of the human body to keep up with this rapid change between time zones. In short, it is the body rhythm disorder caused by the difference between the local time of the place we visit and the biological clock of our body.

Failure of the body clock to adapt to change, insomnia and stressful situations, diseases caused by dry air inside the aircraft, alcoholic and caffeinated drinks, being immobile for hours and cabin pressure are some of the main reasons that cause jet lage. Jet lag duration, symptoms, and methods of recovery vary from person to person.

Research shows that jet lag conditions are more common in west-east flights and daytime flights. He has some symptoms such as insomnia, extreme fatigue, stomach and headaches, disorientation, anorexia, irregular heartbeat and coordination disorders. Those who have jet lag may have problems especially in mental activities such as reading, perception, concentration.

So how do you get less affected by jet lag?

Jet lag is less common or easier to overcome in young people and children because it can adapt to changes faster than older people. Sleeping children during the day is one of the major factors in helping them get through this situation. People with jet lag should try to adapt to where they go as quickly as possible.

Going to the light of day after travel is also a correct method to adapt. In fact, if possible, it is useful to make adjustments for the body clock during sleep and working hours a few days before such flights. If it will be less than 2 days to stay at the destination, it will be beneficial not to adapt there and act close to the body clock.

Jet lag time varies depending on the person and the person’s adaptation to the conditions, so there is no clear jump time.