Top 10 Countries with Gorgeous Asian Women

3. Indonesia

Indonesia is a country that has a diverse and multicultural society. Indonesian women are known for their exotic and beautiful features, such as their tan skin, dark eyes, and long hair. They often wear traditional clothing such as kebaya or batik, which reflects their heritage and identity. Some of the most beautiful oriental women from Indonesia are actress and singer Agnez Mo, model and actress Pevita Pearce, and singer and songwriter Anggun.

Indonesia is also a country that has a rich and vibrant culture. Indonesian women are known for their artistic and musical talents, as well as their religious and social values. They often express themselves through various forms of art, such as dance, puppetry, painting, and literature. They are also very devout and respectful, as seen in their diversity of faiths and customs. Some of the famous Indonesian women who have contributed to their culture are dancer Sinta Nuriyah, puppeteer Sri Mulyani, painter Affandi, and writer Pramoedya Ananta Toer.