Top 10 Countries with Gorgeous Asian Women

4. China

China is a country that has an ancient and diverse civilization. Chinese women are known for their exotic and elegant features, such as their almond-shaped eyes, high cheekbones, and slender waist. They often wear traditional clothing such as cheongsam or qipao, which showcases their grace and sophistication. Some of the most beautiful oriental women from China are actress and singer Fan Bingbing, model and actress Liu Yifei, and singer and songwriter Jane Zhang.

China is also a country that has a powerful and dynamic economy. Chinese women are known for their entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as their leadership and vision. They often lead or participate in various fields, such as politics, technology, finance, and media. They are also very ambitious and confident, as seen in their achievements and awards. Some of the influential Chinese women who have made a difference in these fields are politician Tsai Ing-wen, tech executive Zhou Qunfei, billionaire Zhang Yin, and journalist Hu Shuli.