What to Know About Toronto


Canada’s largest city, Toronto, has a high standard of living, low crime; It is one of the cities that you need to visit with its clean, modern and multicultural structure. It is the capital of the state of Ontario, and is one of Canada’s English-speaking states. However, the locals of the city also speak French. Located on the shores of Lake Ontario, the city is also close to cities such as Montréal, Ottawa and Chicago.

Before the colonial period, two different tribes lived in the city, the Hurons and the Irokua. Later, in the 16th century, immigrants from Europe started to settle in Canada, but there was no settlement in the city of Toronto yet. Later, in the 18th century, the French used this region while trading. The British fled from the American War of Independence in the early 19th century and settled in the city. The Battle of York in 1813 was one of the important events that changed the fate of the city. Settlement has gained momentum in Toronto and has evolved to a present day. Events such as the prohibition of slavery in 1834 are important events that show Canada’s tolerant and multicultural structure. Immigrants from Africa and immigrants from Europe were able to live in harmony in the city. According to current data, more than half of the population of Toronto is immigrant.

In Toronto, which is the largest city of Canada, a developed country, many events such as world-famous festivals, fairs, biennials and concerts are organized every year. In the city, which is the most important media and cinema center of the country, there are television channels, film companies, media organizations. Toronto Stock Exchange, which is the big companies and the country’s stock exchange, is also located in this city. At the same time, Toronto is home to the longest highway in the world, Trans Canada, the world’s largest waterfall, Niagara, one of the tallest towers in the world, CN Tower. The longest street in the world is Yonge Street and the world’s largest baseball field is in Toronto.

The capital of the state of Ontario is central to the country as trade and tourism. The city has an advanced transportation network. Although it is a multicultural city, life is quite calm and safe. You can meet people from different cultures here and explore their communities here. In addition, festivals of different cultures are organized throughout the year. There are many points to visit and there are also many shopping malls. This is one of the places where you won’t want to visit the city and see it.




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