The World’s Top 5 Motorcycle Routes

Motorcyclists like to wander in exotic places, a life where you are constantly on the road without a destination, and motorcyclists define being a traveler. Unless a motorcycle traveler is stuck in traffic, he feels traveling. There are some routes around the world where you will not break your travel pleasure on two wheels. Here are 5 world-famous motorcycle routes that continue to be on the road:

 1. South Island – New Zeland

This road, which runs parallel to the South Island mountains of New Zealand, is 2,100 kilometers long. The road, which offers a tremendous view of nature like the Transalpine route, is also known as Journey to Middle-Earth, referring to Middle-earth, which J. R. R. Tolkien has edited. South Island is one of the best places you can see in the Southern Hemisphere, where you can live your freedom soaking through the Pacific Ocean.

2. Route 66 – USA

Route 66, which even non-motorcyclists know, is 3,940 kilometers in length from east to west in the United States. Starting in Chicago, Route 66 crosses Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California and ends in Los Angeles. On the route where you will see Route 66 signs along the way, you may encounter not only motorcycle groups but also those who try to complete this tour by car.

3. Ruta 40 – Argentina

When you turn your route to South America, Argentina has a road known as the End of the World. Starting at Santa Cruz, Ruta 40 reaches the Bolivian border. The length of the road is 5.300 kilometers where motorcycle travelers await a fascinating view. In the shade of the Andes, you will pass through many national parks and see places such as the Lake District, the Wine Road and the Perito glacier.

4. Tibet

Tibet has the kind of way to compete with routes in America and Europe. The Tibetan road, where you will see the Himalayas in all its glory with its unique mystical atmosphere, is known as the Roof of the World. You will witness a wonderful journey from Kashgar to Tibet on the way to visit the sacred places of the Far East.

5. Transalpine – Romania

Transalpine is one of the most popular routes in Europe. The 2400-kilometer-long road is called the Return to Nature. This road starts from the city of Grenboble in the southeast of France and you pass through the Alps to the romantic city of Venice. The road, which can be crowded in four seasons, invites Switzerland and Austria to a beautiful view of nature.

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