The Most Beautiful Nightlife in Vancouver

Vancouver, which hosts a great number of people of different ethnicities and backgrounds, also witnesses quite colorful images with its nightlife. It should be noted that Canada’s most active nightlife is in Vancouver. Many visitors prefer bars, cafes and other entertainment venues in this area because the city of Vancouver is safe and comfortable.

If you ask what to drink in Vancouver, you should try icewine, which is consumed in many night clubs. It is a type of wine in which sweet wine from Icewine grapes is mixed with ice and served. Another feature of this wine, which is obtained by waiting for a very long time, is that it is quite sweet. The two most important addresses we recommend for those who want to try Icewine drink are the Five Sails Bar and Blu Water Cafe. Also, icewine is a wine that is popular in many parts of the world and is recommended to be consumed especially in Canada.

The most popular bars in Vancover are located in the city center and in Gastown. L’Abattoir Bar and The Diamond Bar are among the most preferred places for tourists and locals in this region. L’Abattoir Bar takes its meaning from the place where the slaughterhouse is built. Of course, there is a history of getting the name of the bar from here. In the old times, in the region where night life was not so concentrated, the sales of meat and meat products were very intensive and all of the slaughtering works were carried out in this region. Based on this, the name of the bar is named as L’Abattoir Bar. In addition, The Diamond Bar is one of the most beautiful bars in Vancouver. There are two important flavors to try in this bar, which is definitely a stopover for cocktail lovers, these are delicate and notorious cocktails.

Nightlife in Vancouver, which is quite clean and safe, dates back to quite old times. It is known that sailors came here in 1880 and established small-scale pubs. Since 1980, Canadians have attempted to produce their own beer. These beer varieties spread over many parts of the country have developed over time, contributing to the production of over 50 different types of beer. The address where you can find more than one type of beer together is Yaletown Brew Company.

Among the other venues you can enjoy in Vancouver are the Roxy Bar, Veneu Nightclub, The Bourbon Bar, Caprice Nightclub, The Penthouse Nightclub, Herman’s Jazz Club, Garricks Head Pub, 17 Mile House Pub, which are usually concentrated in Granville, Cordova, Seymour, Sooke regions. Canoe Brewpub, Cow Bay Pub, The Old Firehouse Wine Bar, Bartholomew’s Bar, Felicitas Campus Bar, Rooftop Surf Club Bar, Lucky Bar and Swans Brewpub.

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