Reeperbahn Festival

Information About Reeperbahn Festival

The Reeperbahn Festival combines the diversity of new and international talent with a program of a wide range of themes in a progressive music market. Since its debut in 2006, the Reeperbahn Festival has become one of the most important meeting places in the music world and shows how an enthusiastic music program can be combined with the interests and social initiatives of the music industry.
In addition to concerts, programmatic expansion has offered a comprehensive art program and a business platform for companies and organizations from the international music and neighboring digital industries since 2009. On 16- 19 September 2020, 1,100 individual events are waiting for fans, journalists and trade visitors in many venues that are both exciting and inspiring.

In addition to nearly 600 concerts by international artists, the program includes thematic films and literatures as well as visual art and virtual reality formats. The discourse section also provides a platform for social and cultural discussions, as well as information on the introduction to the music industry. The Festival Village in Heiligengeistfeld creates a central hub for these themes and more. Industry visitors who come to the Reeperbahn Festival within the framework of seasons, showcases, networking events and award shows can listen, rethink and experience the festival’s partner country in 2020, Denmark.

Development of Reeperbahn Festival

As a city club festival, the Reeperbahn Festival places great emphasis on the support of people from all over the world. The music program covers a wide range with the types of music represented, such as Indie, Pop, Rock, Folk, Singer-Songwriter, Electronics, Hip-Hop, Soul, Jazz and Classic. Artists such as Bon Iver from America, the successful German artists Cro and Kraftklub, Biffy Clyro, or Chilly Gonzales and Ed Sheeran at the Reillybahn Festival before long stealing her big debut, for example.

Since the Reeperbahn Festival began, a large number of artists have performed in addition to fine arts, urban art, literature and film performances. This area has always been expanded. The Reeperbahn Festival offers a platform for young artists and supports interdisciplinary and networking of different sectors, as well as opening other scenes. An integral part of the Reeperbahn Festival art program is the big sales exhibition that gives concerts in addition to artist posters and screen printing quality announcements.

In addition to the various exhibitions and installations of various art forms, literary events are an important component of the Reeperbahn Festival. Since 2016, a comprehensive music film program has been added to the Reeperbahn Festival. This was expanded to include the Music Film Competition in 2017.In addition to the public program, the Reeperbahn Festival offers a trade visitor program for companies and organizations from the international music and digital economy. They can communicate and present their products at conferences, networking sessions, showcase concerts and many other innovative events.

Reeperbahn Festival Sessions

Interviews, panels, important notes, presentations and workshops are part of the Reeperbahn Festival Conference program. The best international speakers will address issues related to the music industry, recorded music in sub-markets, live entertainment and broadcasting, and related industries in the digital economy. The sessions are curated by an independent committee of industry experts.

Reeperbahn Festival Showcase Concerts

Each year labels, partners, and music export offices showcase their new and aspiring artists at Reeperbahn Festival, providing a great complement to the festival’s curated concert programme. About 50 German and international showcases present exciting bands and solo artists to a large audience of fans, media representatives, and trade professionals.

Reeperbahn Festival Conference

It is one of the most important industry platforms in Europe and offers participants the opportunity to meet and communicate with international representatives from the music industry and digital creative economy. The central location for business meetings and receptions is the Reeperbahn Festival Hall at the ARCOTEL Onyx hotel. Also organized parties, gatherings, dinners and cocktail events are held at the nearby Reeperbahn venues.



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